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Floral Arrangements for 2018

It is always a bouquet of lovely blooming flowers that makes any space instantly more tasteful. Whether it's a romantic bursting bundle of hues or a simple, low arrangement that allows conversation on a candlelit table, they add a touch of timeless natural beauty.


So while the past years have brought us a never-ending stream of airy ethereal arrangements where fairies seem to live in, soft greenery, it definitely seems like the 2018 flower arrangement trends are all about a return in a loud bang filled with boldness and seductiveness. This year, we will all be obsessing over flowers that bring out the fire from within, from sultry colored combinations to astounding and striking details, like garlands and wreaths, asymmetrical centerpieces and bohemian hippy mandalas.


Feast your eyes on these 2018 must-see flower trends.


Moody Blues


See you when I see you, calming pastels and neutrals! One of the 2018 flower trends that we're most thrilled about is the return of the bright, bold colors. Pantone's Color Of The Year for 2018 is Ultra Violet, so naturally, we're expecting to see a lot of flowers in rich purple tones, like burgundy, plum and mauve. I really love how these darker tones look when they're matched with bountiful greenery and nature-inspired highlights, like ivy, pampas grass, leather fern, honey bracelet, curly willow, and even feathers. Add flowers in pink shades and soft purple, such as mauve and nostalgia rose which is a rich dusty pink hue, to create an arrangement of muted aesthetic with a hint of drama, edgy and a little bit mystifying.


Foraged Greenery

And here comes the floral arrangements that include elements sourced directly from nature, the incarnation of Earth's elements which means leaves, branches, vine, and anything that you can find on your own, without having to go to the florists' or the greenhouse. I am absolutely in love with this new approach to floral design and I think it's one of the coolest flower arrangement trends everyone can embody right now. This style takes the greenery fad to an entirely new level, and it definitely isn't for those who love balance and perfection, but I'd argue that these outstanding (and marginally jungly) arrangements are completely stunning in their own right. This modern, simple style resonates with those who appreciate the role of nature in their lives. 


Mediterranean Surge

Brace yourself for a rise of yellow, red and orange blossoms being used in any types of arrangements, from a quaint midsummer posy to austere fall centerpieces. Precisely, I'm anticipating some flowers that showcase the gentle side of these bright, happy, sunshine colors. If you love blush or salmon pink, try coral gold which is sort of like an apricot orange, it's a peachy tone that looks like a pastel but packs a major transformation. French vanilla or butter yellow hues is uplifting, inviting and serendipitous, not to mention that it gives you a dose of swift happiness every time you look at it. Poppies, peonies, David Austin and Juliet roses, chrysanthemums, carnations, daisies, Persian buttercups, and ranunculus are some of my personal faves for this color combination.



If you are a fan of the exotic proteas, anthuriums are going to be your next big thing. Anthurium flowers are excellent flowers to use in floral arrangements. They look great and they last a long time. They will outlast just about any other flower that is in the arrangement so I'm thinking that this tropical flower should be called "the new protea" as even adding just one (or more if you like!) to a wedding bouquet or a centerpiece, it really makes a major statement. If you are planning for a beach or maybe even a bohemian wedding or even just a simple flower arrangement for your home decor, anthuriums are surely a natural fit for any settings and you can also pair them with traditional flowers, such as roses, hydrangeas, lisianthus and even succulents for a classic-meets-chic look. 


Wild Folk

This is the most laid-back, easy-going and whimsical style, conspicuous by free-form arrangement and a mix of lovely bright colors. Very bright colors mark this style, including green, teal, yellow, pink, and orange. It's all about your own style and vibe in this one so go wild on it! It is kinda like folk art, represented in a fresh-faced, youthful manner. It’s vibrant, stunning, and quirky. You can incorporate flowers like sunflowers, peonies, and alliums in.






























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