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Eco-friendly Home Decor

Eco-friendly greenery is the new black. Seriously, thanks to Pantone's colour of the year - Greenery, adding eco-friendly decor to the home has become sufficiently easier as it is deemed one of the hottest home decorating trends. The idea behind using anything that happens to be eco-friendly is to help promote green livingThere seems to be more and more ways to add sustainable and earth-friendly decor to the home as more people are becoming conscious of its importance. I have jumped on the bandwagon myself and let me tell you, theres no turning back with all the amazing benefits youll reap from it. Cost effective, beautiful to look at, helps save the environment (every bit counts!) and also helps teach  children the importance of being more environmentally cautious, using eco-friendly decor is a great habit to cultivate in homes. 

Use old lightbulbs by removing the burnt out filaments and using it as a tiny vase! It can be both hung or placed on a dented surface so it doesn't tip over. It's a great way to recycle and can be reused for different occasions and themes.  

Having plants at home is the most obvious choice for an eco-friendly home decor addition, but how about taking it up a notch and planting your own little herb garden in recycled jars? It makes a great addition to any kitchen, for anyone who loves fresh herbs and it looks super chic too. If you have multi coloured jars or tins, you can opt to spray paint them to uniform their look with the rest of your home. 


Bring on the wine! If you collect wine bottles and corks like I do, you could wash and clean them and then recycle them into gifts! Wine bottles look great when spray painted over and can be used as a vase or holder. Corks on the other hand can be turned into art pieces like the one I've shared above to leave quite the impression on anyone who comes to your home.

Wooden hanging decorations are here and I love just how easy they are to make. Costing almost nothing, except for paint, you can create your own decor piece with wood you find in your garden or even when you go for a walk in parks. Then all thats left is your imagination and a little crafting and voila! 

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