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Easy Tips On How To Organise Your Pantry

The kitchen is where the heart is and it couldn't be any more true for my home. No matter the size of the space, I think its safe to say that it truly is the most important part of any homeI have many fond memories of helping my mom in the kitchen keep away groceries so she can work on creating a nutritious meal.  

Theres no need to work in a cramped kitchen when there are so many ways to store and organise your pantry, making it easily accessible and most importantly, clean. 



This is the easiest way to help get anything organised (and not just in your pantry). I usually opt for clear containers as it makes it easier to see what's inside even though I have it labelled. You can recycle old jars or just buy containers in bulk because they definitely will come in handy regardless.  


As for the labels, theres so many types to pick from. From just writing on plastic containers with permanent markers, to using stickers or my personal favourite, decals. I use decals because they not only look beautiful and classy, theyre easy to remove. 



More often than not, if you place things in a drawer they tends to move around with all the opening and closing youll probably be doing. Besides using a rubber mat to help hold everything in place or compartments in the drawer itself, cork board is a great and more chic way of keeping all your kitchen tools from slipping around. With its earthy shade, making it more visually pleasing, I line my drawers with these tiles that are functional, inexpensive and easy to remove as well.  

Another function is to create a message board using these tiles by sticking them onto the inside of your cabinet against the door. This works great for utensils too! 



Spice racks are great but sometimes they can't hold all the spices you may need. Use the sides of the cabinet and add little holders so you can store slimmer, smaller products without taking up a bulk of the space. Crates are also a very good way to store items especially things like chips, and packet goods.



Once you have your stuff stored in containers, stacking them in the pantry can also save a lot of space and make it look more organised. Think about the canned goods in supermarket and how organised they look. Its pretty much the same concept except you decide what goes where while stacking.  

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