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Dorm Room Decor on a Budget

Moving away from home is always tough. I had to travel when I studied and it was the scariest, yet most amazing time of my life. You not only move out and to learn to be independent and accountable for everything you do, you end up discovering so much about yourself and how to be a better and more matured individual who no longer takes everything for granted. Though my family was far away, my safe haven and sanctuary was my dorm room. I created a space where I could truly be myself and on a student budget. Here are some ideas that I drew inspiration from.

If you happen to be sharing a dorm room, remember to discuss all these plans with your room mate and of course, get their input and opinion. It could even be a fun project that will help you get closer and bond more.





This is the easiest way to give a room a face lift without spending too much. A fresh coat of paint can really make all the difference, so pick a colour scheme or look that you want to work with.  




I tell you just how much pillows, bedsheets and rugs can do to spruce up a dorm room. If you have a theme to follow — like a tropical one for example — get pillows printed with motifs to match it.




Wall hangings have become increasingly popular because they are so easy to use and remove. From tapestry, to dreamcatchers, photo string walls, there are so many types for you to choose from. This is also a great way to add memories from your travels or display gifts from friends. You can create an entire collage on your wall, making it your canvas of ideas.




My personal favourite, lighting! I love how easy it is to add and how there's so many ways you can add light to create different styles and aesthetics. You can string warm fairy lights around your room to create a cozy environment, or bundle them up and place them in a glass jar to create a cool display piece, encase them with paper lanterns or even add a night light to give the room a soft whimsical glow .




There's nothing more important than having a neat space to live in i.e. one that isn't too cluttered and won't make you feel exhausted by just the mere sight of it. Storage spaces come in so many gorgeous designs these days, and most supermarkets or even dollar stores sell really cool storage bins and organiser compartments. Buy those and give them new life by spray painting over them or even wrapping them in washi tape if you want some prints to adorn them. Either way, these are really a life (and space) saver!



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