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DIY: Tassel Home Decor Trend

Tassel garlands are a huge trend for parties, and both kids and adults love them! Guilty as charged, I have a personal collection in a variety of colours for any occasion. They seem to be able to transform a plain space into one that feels almost magical.
Throw in some sparkles and you could just very well level up your festive spirit! From whimsical weddings, to dessert table decor, to photo booths and so much more, it's no wonder tassels have become my go-to decoration.
With so many different types of tassels to pick and choose from, I've come up with a guide to help you use this super adorable and versatile trend in your home along with some tips and tricks —from my own experience, of course.

First, you'll need to know what sort of tassels to use. I personally love paper and ribbon tassels because they look 'softer' land flow quite beautifully in the wind, but you can opt for yarn and string if you'd rather it stay in place.

Once you've figured out the type your most comfortable working with, its time to see how you'd like to add them to your home.  

By propping some colourful tassel garlands above my work tableI've used it to add some colour and cheerfulness to my workspace. I switch it up every time I get bored of the colours, and it just inspires me more to keep trying different swatches and combinations. 

Ive also hung tassels in my bedroom back at my parents’ place (obviously a very long time ago), but this time I separated and attached them to fairy lights above the bed, you know, just to double the magic!  

If you have a wall decal (which are really very brilliant and hassle-free ways to add art to blank spaces around your home), you could use tassels to make them a little more dimensional, too! Imagine a plain whimsical cactus decal with tassels either hanging from it or a balloon decal with tassels attached to its bottom from a string. Think: wall art meets 3D decoration. 

Speaking of 3D art, another great way to add some tassels into your living space is by creating some seriously easy decor such as this:

Just get some branches that have fallen off a tree, spray paint it (optional, but I love some extra colour!), place them in a pot and hang tassels from them. And just like that, youve DIY-ed a unique and beautiful display piece.  

Or you could get a rattan hoop (I used a hula hoop for mine, because they were easier to find!) and hang tassels from it. You could add pictures to the hoop itself, or even a floral arrangement. 


The options of what you can do with tassels are endless! I hope some of the ideas Ive given you here help spur more!

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