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Disney+ is Coming and here is Everything You Need to Know About Subscribing

Streaming is now. Gone are the days of buying CDs or DVDs (or illegally downloading movies and TV shows), because today, we have a number of streaming services that offer so much content that we barely have the time and energy to go through it all. The top three streaming services of 2019 are of course Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon, with subscription fees of $11/month, $8/month, and $8.99/month respectively.

Disney+ Disney Plus

Previously, films and shows owned by Disney were available across the three streaming services but Disney is now on schedule to launch their own streaming service called Disney+ (Plus) , and they are ready to take back their content and become one of the giants. Bear in mind that Disney owns Marvel Studios, Marvel Entertainment, Fox Entertainment Group, National Geographic, and the Star Wars franchise. That is a whole lot of content!

How to subscribe? Easy. Head on to their website. What are the rates like? Well, Disney is offering a variety of subscription options and as of today, there are three different subscription types:

  1. Sign up for Disney+ at $6.99/month or $69.99/year today, and start streaming on launch day.
  2. Subscribe for the Disney+ Bundle with ESPN+ and Hulu for only $12.99/month, but for this subscription, users will have to wait for and sign up on launch day.
  3. Pay $169.99 upfront, and enjoy 3 years of Disney+. That comes up to about $57/year, which is cheaper than the first option, and users can also start streaming on launch day.

Of course, like all subscription services, Disney will also be offering a free trial for 7 days.

What's great about Disney+ is that one account can stream on up to 10 devices, and 4 devices simultaneously. A couple of steps ahead of their competitors for sure. Here is a 3-hour video of everything that will be coming to Disney+, brought to you by Disney themselves.

Disney+ is expected to launch on the 12th of November this year, starting with Canada and the USA, and Australia and New Zealand a week later. That's less than a month from now, so be sure to sign up now!

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