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Disney Bedroom Decor Ideas

I can't really think of anyone who isn't a Disney lover and I'm glad I can't because there's no way someone doesn't feel a certain sense of love for Disney. From its stories, to the characters in them and all the details combined, there's something truly magical about it all. Kids love it because it sparks their imagination and adults love it because it takes us back to that magical place when we were kids and growing up to Disney stories. There's a small part in everyone to some day be able to visit Disneyland, but for those who can't here's a perfect way to incorporate some Disney love in your own home.





Almost every Disney story starts with a 'Once Upon A Time' as the opening of it. It's a trademark style that most Disney lovers can recognise immediately and even just hearing those words, gives us feels of nostalgia. This lampshade is such a quirky and cute idea to add some Disney influence to a room without making it too obvious. All you need is a lamp, a cut out of the wordings to paste inside it, and you're done!





Do you have a collection of sorts, a cabinet or display of souvenirs, or even a table with your makeup and stuff? This signboard says it all! Ariel, the Little Mermaid had an obsession for collection human things and what better way to show off your human things then by adding a little mermaid spin to it. Seriously though, isn't it neat?





Spot the (not so) hidden Mickey! This iconic design of three circles to symbolise Disney and Mickey Mouse is so easy to incorporate into our daily lives, and of course, decor aesthetics. Nothing screams Disney like Mickey does, so this mirror idea is totally acing it.





Speaking of mirrors, let's take an idea out of the Snow White story for this one. The famous quote "Mirror, mirror on the wall' from the story can be drawn or have a decal of it to paste on to the mirror to create your own magic mirror at home.





You're never too old to believe in some magic of fairy dust! Get a mason jar and add glitter of sequins in for for some sparkling faux fairy dust! Don't forget to label it of course, to give it that extra effect.





Tale as old as time, this iconic symbol of love from Beauty and The Beast is a perfect addition. If you can't get your hands on a replicate version that's already made, make on your self using a dome glass display, a fake rose (make sure it's a big red one) and add some fairy lights in to give it a glowy magical feel.





Pan's shadow is a nice touch for any room, especially for the bedroom. Get a decal piece done, and stick it on the wall for some effortless magic.  


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