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8 Tips To Decorate Your Kids' Bedrooms

One of the most challenging areas to decorate in our home is *drum rolls* OUR KIDS' BEDROOMS! Kids are usually very accommodating and obedient. That is a lie. Kids are adorable monsters that can be fussy and very expressive of themselves, and as parents we love nothing more than to keep their interests (and our sanity) in mind. Taking into consideration a number of factors, we would like to share tips on how to help your kids set up their bedroom.

1. Time for Change

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Infinite possibilities to a kids growth. That's the key point here. Always choose flexible and timeless designs to ensure that your kids have room to grow and mature, before demanding a change of air in their bedroom. Go with furnishing styles that would be suitable for a 5 year old and a 12 year old. Sure, a Hello Kitty bed would be awesome when you're 7, but by the time you reach adolescence, you will probably want a real cat instead.

2. A Space Adventure

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Space is extremely important for kids. Rearranging furniture to fit corners will help create ample space for kids to operate in their bedrooms. Playtime becomes more fun, accidents are less of a problem, and a bonus to this is eliminating the (very rational) fear of something spooky coming out of any available void in the room during bedtime. Using wall decals as an alternative to decorative furniture will also save a lot of space!

3. All Aboard the Colours Express

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Kids love their colours. They express themselves through themes and colours and it doesn't always have to make sense. One child may request for a zoo themed bedroom with bright colours, while another wants their name written extravagantly on the wall. Wall decals are the solution for these ideas. Wall decals are safe, easy to install, and come with a huge variety of styles. Here is an example of an animal themed wall decal, and this is what their name would look like on their bedroom wall. There are many designs to choose from, so don't forget to get them involved before choosing a design.

4. Opening Up to Organising

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When educating our kids to organise, visibility is important. Using open shelves and bins will enable kids to visibly organise their belongings before physically getting them in order. Provide the kids with a systematic guideline and encourage practice, it will eventually become habitual. Don't forget to arrange the shelves and bins at corners of the room!

5. Fun and Functionality in the Balance

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Note how we used the word 'fun' before 'functionality'. Kids get bored easily. Therefore, they need to have a fun workspace. Whether it's for hobbies or homework, setting up a workspace usually requires nothing more than a desk with drawers, and an adjustable chair. Encourage them to follow their passion in setting up their workspace. Most kids are passionate about something or other, be it dinosaurs, cartoons, or even the Power Rangers, so help them incorporate their passion into their workspace. It keeps the mood light, and works as a motivator too.

6. Be One with the Force

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The Force aka the kids, will want the final say on how their room is set up. Get to work on the room, but be sure to get them involved. Make it a project that you do together as a family. Don't spend too much money on trends and age-specific items because remember how quickly we grew out of everything? Yup our kids will too.

7. Share & Square

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If kids have a shared bedroom, don't assume that they are agreeable to each other's preferences. It's always better to allow the kids involved to have their own personal space and belongings set up in their preferred theme. To maintain a coherent style, get similar furniture for them, but allow different colour and design motifs. Get less flamboyant appliances that are flexible to match other neutral items in the room. All in all, the room should be aesthetically pleasing to both parties.

8. Wall Decals

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As you may have heard, minimalism is still in. It's probably going to be in for a bit and crashing the party as a complimentary guest is wall decals. Wall decals save you the trouble of putting up wallpapers and choosing decorative items. First, let the kids choose a colour theme as base; encourage more classic palettes so that the design of wall decals can pop out. Next, pick a suitable design of wall decal for the room. There are many options as mentioned before; from animals, to personal names, or more artistic designs like a dream catcher. Shop our collection of patterned wall decals!

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