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Cute Dorm Room Ideas

Moving away from home to a dorm can be incredibly difficult. It's having to create a new atmosphere, life and balance everything while not having the security of family and home within grasp. But that's also the fun part of it all, you get a chance to grow as your own person, learn and be independent. This is why how your dorm room is, is so very crucial. It's your home away from home, a solitude you have created for yourself. The whole experience can be a really fun one, and having a cute dorm room to go back to makes it all so much better! Here are some cute dorm room ideas to get your creative juices going for your own.



Most dorm rooms are somewhat small, but that doesn't change the fact that you can make it cozy and comfortable instead of cramped up. The key to this is storage! Figure ways to store your bigger items like luggages, clothes and all those things in compartments. Once you've gotten the clutter out of the way, the fun part of decorating takes place!



Washi tapes are a fantastic creation for those who like pretty stationary and designing of any sort. Most dorm rooms have a rule against nailing things on the wall which makes framed pictures a no go. But here's an alternative that works wonders! Stick your pictures to the wall and frame it manually using washi tape to create designs and cool geometric shapes. You can pick from an endless array of colors and designs since washi tapes come in many forms. Get create and enjoy making a statement with your picture feature wall with customised frames.



Plants give life (literally!) to any space. It not only adds a pop of colour, but it also helps purify the air and supply the beautiful greenery only nature can! Get yourself a potted plant, and make sure it's something that doesn't require too much fuss but does add on to beautifying the room.




Tapestries are a fabulous addition for many reasons. It immediately changes the look and feel of the whole room, it adds character and colour to your space and it also covers up walls that are less than perfect. A definite win in any case. Having said that, there's also a variety of ways it can be draped, be it across walls or even over the bed to create a canopy



Since dorm rooms don't have the biggest floor space, say goodbye to sofas and couch chairs. This is where floor cushions are really a heaven sent. Easy to lay out, to clean and use, these pillows also add colour and design to an otherwise dull space. Top it off with some little details like tassels and pom-poms for a little extra flair.


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