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Wall Decor Your Kids Would Love

Anyone who has or has had kids know that they have very short attention spans in terms of what keeps them interested, it's just the way they are wired and we love it because it keeps their imagination active but it's also a downer when you need some quiet time. When it comes to rooms, wall decor is so very important to give your kid a unique sense of individuality and to keep his creative mind active. This is why I've compiled a list of creative kid wall decor ideas that will help you get your creative juice on and create something your kids will love.



A monogram is a great way to showcase ownership in any room. Kids love it too because they feel a sense of pride in having something they truly own and a place they can call their own. The idea is to make it so nice that they enjoy spending time and taking care of that space too. I love this simple DIY monogram of creating a race track design along with actually sticking real toy cars on it. If you'd like the cars to actually be moveable and can be removed to play with, using a magnetic board would be a great way to achieve that.


Ask them to create their own masterpiece for wall decor! A chalkboard-paint art wall lets your kid be creative while ensuring the supplies are easily at hand and tidy. This way your kid can paint, draw, and create artwork of their choice as and when they want to. Not only does it make for a great art feature, they can change it whenever they feel like it. If it keeps them occupied and doesn't create any form of mess, I'm sold.



Recording your child's milestones can also turn into a memorable piece of wall decor with this fantastic idea. This could be a fun project to do with your kid as well. What a great way to keep track of his/her height and watch them grow with the giant rustic ruler piece, as well as come up with fun activities that you can share which doubles as decor. Such a winning situation!



A magnetic wall is something that can amuse your kid for hours on end! From spelling out words with magnetic alphabets, to play with magnets and rearranging them to create designs, there's so many different ideas that a magnetic wall supplies. You can also double it as a means to display artwork your kid has made, making it a big art display feature.


In terms of practicality this may not top the list, but it certain does with the cool factor of it all! Giving your kid a climbing wall helps keep them occupied as well as helps them build their confidence when it comes to the outdoors. Do keep in mind that the whole thing needs to be kid friendly and safe proof.

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