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Create Your Own Private Reading Corner

With the digital age constantly creeping upon us and e-books being a trendy replacement for actual books, more often than not we forget the importance and joys that reading an actual physical book can bring. I love the smell of books, both new and old. The musky smell of adventure, knowledge and magic embedded within pages of a hardcover book and the way words dance and form beautiful poetry or stories that take your imagination on a ride. The best thing to compliment a really good book? A perfect reading nook which lets you get lost in without any interruption.

I have my own private reading corner which my kids and I take turns to use. Not only is reading a good habit to instil as it helps broaden your horizons, imagination and also vocabulary, but also a great way to unwind and relax after a long day. Need your own little nook too? Here's what you can do to create your own private reading corner.




This is oh so very important when it comes to reading as you don't want to cause any damage to your eyesight by straining it under dim light. You can create your reading corner near a window that provides a lot of natural light and also allows you to bask in some sunshine, or alternatively, get proper lighting installed in the space. String lights, table lamps or even ceiling lights work great, as long as they happen to be bright enough. You can also opt for creating this space outdoors as then you'll get ample natural light without having to worry. Do keep in mind though that it limits your options with the other decor ideas you might have.




Privacy is key when it comes to reading. More often than not, you get so into a book that you don't want any disturbance or distractions. Make sure your little space has ample privacy for this purpose. Besides, reading should be a part of your 'me' time that comes without interruptions.  




There's nothing like snuggling up with some fluffy pillows and a comfy blanket to really take the edge of when you want to wind down to a good book. You can use a bed, sofa or even an armchair. Pick something that makes sense for the space and will let you relax throughly. I love big armchairs as it props me up but also gives me enough space to curl up and truly unwind.




What's a personal reading corner without a shelf of books? Be it a big or small one, as long as there's a space that provides enough and proper storage for your books, you're good to go.



Now that you've got the space completely covered, grab yourself a mug of hot tea (or drink of choice), snuggle up and enjoy the beautiful little corner you've made for yourself.

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