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Create A Bohemian Vibe

Every time I hear the word 'Bohemian', the first image that pops in my mind is a woman  free spirited, decked in mismatched chunky jewellery, who travels, thirsts for adventure and art. A little throwback to my younger years when I considered myself a wild child with a gypsy soul, always wanting to explore, learn, and create. Now I channel all that positive creative energy into my own personal space, giving life to my home by infusing the familiar bohemian vibe that once gave me a sense of warmth and belonging.   


There are two types of bohemian chic vibes that are really popular. The first being a wild mix and match of decor, prints and knick knacks, and the second using a cleaner neutral colour palette and arrangement of things. Again, it boils down to personal preference and to be honest, I really can't decide which one I love more so I decorate and plan according to how I want my space to look and feel at that point in time. 

Here are my five bohemian basic essentials:


Nothing oozes cosy than warm lights in your space. An easy and cost effective way to do this is by using fairy lights which come in so many different types and styles these days. I love those that are attached to copper wire because theyre easy to bend and twist into whatever shape youd like. Not only can you hang them or stream them across your bed and wall, you can add them to some jars for an instant night light or wrapped around your bed frame.   



As vague as this sounds, the idea is to mix and match textures and patterns. There's no specific rule to this and that's what makes it so much fun! You can add fabrics with patterns, or even decor pieces of wood and glass next to each other. Keep in mind to not make it cluttered but to show off your unique eye for collecting knick knacks. I love doing this with travel memorabilia such as statues, crystal pieces, seashells and bottles displayed on a table, or even rugs with Indian-styled motifs and pillows with tassels. Dont be afraid to tell a story with your space and all the unique things it has.  



Treat the wall as your canvas. Post up framed artwork, posters or even quotes. You can add other cool wall pieces like macrame art, dreamcatchers and even accessories. The whole idea is to showcase your personality while keeping it stylish and playful. Another easy addition for the wall could be decals as they add a personal touch and can be easily removed so you can change them around without damaging your wall. 


There's something that screams comfort when pillows are involved. Yes, I absolutely am obsessed with them but who can blame me? There's no such thing as too many! What I love about them is they serve many purposes like adding colour and character to any space. For a bohemian room, you can play with different tones, patterns and even textures. Add a rug or blanket to the mix and you've got yourself a complete look. From throw pillows to big cushions to bean bags to sit on, your options are endless.  


Not only are plants beautiful to look at, they happen to be great for purifying the air. By adding some indoor plants, not only does your room automatically smell fresher, it will look fresher too 


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