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Celebrate Fall

I love the fall season from it’s deep colours, weather, fashion and fun celebrations from Halloween to Thanksgiving.

Oh, and their leaves! The colours that appear on normally green leaves are just phenomenal. Multitude of shades of red, yellow, purple, black, orange, pink, magenta, blue and brown come in various hues this season.

As we bid goodbye to summer popsicles and romances, we welcome cozy autumnal touches around the house. ’Tis the season for costumes and gratefulness. But, how do we make the transition from Halloween to Thanksgiving without having to redecorate the whole place, eh?



You can achieve immense diversity with white pumpkins. It’s such an influential colour that adds charm and class to one’s home. And you won’t look like you’re out of season even if you feel like you want to keep these decorations for tad bit longer till you prep for Christmas. I don’t judge! You can simply paint them white or get readymade versions (real or fake).

Cherished Bliss shows how you can transform your dining table or any table for that matter, into a beautiful table setting made for fall. Simply place fallen leaves and dried hydrangeas a bit of drama.



The minute I read this on Peartree Flowers, it blew my mind! If pumpkin decor just isn’t your thing or you live in countries where pumpkins are hard to get by? Oppulant pomegranates are just as lush as any flower arrangement. You can also try apples and pears.



Ann from On Sutton Place says all you need are picture frames, sheet moss, scissors, glue gun, acorns, pine cones, sticks and other natural elements you can gather. These are just gorgeous as you can fill it up with a family photo or inspirational quotes  you think that will represent the season. Follow her lead at On Sutton Place.



Make these easy-to-assemble garland beginning with a piece of sisal rope. You can add tassels if you like. Hang them across a door or from your mantle. Or you can make wreaths of the colours of your choice too! You can make home decors out corn husks for everything.



Yes, bring the colours of autumn right into your home where it belongs this season! But I say we scratch the pumpkin colours for now, shall we? I love the underrated autumn colours like blue. Keep the orange subtle this time to certain seating areas like what Country Living Magazine’s showing. it’s a positive mix of vibrancy and positivity between the two. An incredulous clash of colours!



Liza Lubell of Brooklyn’s Peartree Flowers simply stripped the leaves off  crabapple branches to make for visually appealling, rustic decor. All you have to do is then pick vases of different sizes and heights for a beautiful visual playoff. You can also try figs or chestnut branches.


Throws just give rooms an extra cosy finish. The gorgeous orange throw by WAM home decor is to die for. With a couple of pillows here and there, you’re ready for some cosy-ing up in the late evenings to jazz and hot cocoa.

Fall is a wonderful collision of striking but warm colours. We hope you have fun decorating this season!

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