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Unleash Your Triple Threat

When deciding a room’s colour palette, I stick to the three crucial rules of consideration: my personal preference, my lifestyle and the room’s physical structure, such as lighting and other details.

If peace and tranquility are what you’re trying to achieve, consider a monochromatic colour palette. Think island vibes - blues and greens. Paler versions of these colours work great in bathrooms.

However, if you’re looking to add an extra oomph to the space, move to a complementary or triad colour scheme. This adds more energy to the space. But, you need to be careful with using too much bright colours in one space. You’ll need to balance it out. Always remember to complement warm hues with cool hues.



If you’re not sure where to start, think bottoms-up. Start with the darkest colours for the floor, medium col-ours for walls and lightest for ceilings. Think of the outside world when picking the colour scheme for your home’s interior. It’s generally darker below our feet, medium as you look ahead and lighter towards the sky.


People usually purchase clothes in colours they favour - well, at least I do. Get inspired by what you choose to wear. Then, mix it up with pillows and other accessories. 



This rule works every time you decorate a space. 60 percent of a dominant colour goes to the walls, 30 per-cent goes to upholstery and 10 percent goes to accenting colours like accessories and throws. You’ll find a balance between the trio of colours.



Painting walls white doesn’t make a room look bigger. Instead, pick a look-at-me colour. Keep the light colours for big rooms and let the small room envelope you.


Decorate honestly. Not because it is the trend of the moment. When guests come over, they’d appreciate it more because it is you. That means if you’re thinking of decorating every room black, white and red, go for it! All colours are beautiful as long as it suits your personal style.



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