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Blooming Daily! Nothing like flowers to make you feel good!

Who says floral belongs only to the 80s, grandma and deserted hotels? Floral prints have proven to be — dare I say — the most timeless of motifs and depending on how theyre used, always come with an air of elegance to any space. Bring them into your kitchen and dining  spaces whether ia small accent or a dramatic scene. Experiment with fabrics, some wall stickers from the Kismet floral collection or both for spaces in your home you want to add some flowers in. 


Amp up a bland spot behind the sink with bright coloured fabric. Fit in tempered glass on areas that are exposed to heat and water. Alternately, use decals for this area too. Its probably a lot easier to stick on that having to cut fitted fabric into this space.


Play around with floral upholstery for an updated traditional-contemporary look. Beige and blue give off a relaxing vibe which works perfectly well since thats where youre preparing meals for the family. You can also opt to go two shades lighter to an eggshell blue. 


Mix and match florals with geometrical shapes to create depth. This is great if you are a bit of a chameleon like me as it allows you to change the way your kitchen looks throughout the season. Dont be afraid to play with colours and patterns you dont normally see in the pages of a magazine.

I find black, navy blues and pine greens just exude elegance. It is almost like beauty meets beast. Compartmentalising floral designs brings a touch of simplicity into the space. It feels effortless. 

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