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Batman: Is It Time We Got A Thomas Wayne Batman Film?

A spoiler-free discussion.

 Thomas Wayne as BatmanThomas Wayne as Batman

When it comes to the comic book world, there are tons of great ideas and less than great ideas to go around. While some may receive high praise for their ingenuity and marvelous display of craftsmanship, there are sadly those that fall under the category of leaving a bad taste in one’s mouth. One such concept of the former form, however, is the creation and introduction of a new variation of the Batman, specifically, Thomas Wayne as Batman.

For those of you that are unaware of the said concept, the Thomas Wayne Batman was first introduced in the Flashpoint story arc in 2011. In the storyline, Barry Allen’s Flash meets Thomas Wayne’s Batman in an altered timeline of his own creation. In the said timeline, it was Bruce Wayne that was gunned down by the cold-blooded killer, Joe Chill, and Martha Wayne, driven insane by this fact, inevitably turned into the Joker of this new universe.

Based on evidence from The Flash teaser trailer, we can certainly confirm that the multiverse does exist and, therefore, opens up the possibility of the studio exploring alternative, and fresh characters from the multiverse that fans can enjoy witnessing on the big screen. This is because there is plenty of content from the comics in regards to the Thomas Wayne Batman that would make for a good viewing experience.

Rather than having to reboot and or recycle the tired and tried characters from the main continuity, it would undoubtedly be in the best interest of the studio to go beyond continuity and instead focus on producing a film or television show that has yet to be seen before.

That is precisely why we believe that the Thomas Wayne Batman story arc should be taken into consideration for the next film or show in the DCEU. Much like Robert Pattinson’s The Batman scheduled for release in March of this year, a Thomas Wayne Batman narrative could very well open up the potential to garner more interest in DC properties and free-up the creative department as they would not need to feel responsible towards ensuring that the films are interconnected in any way.

The mere thought of a Thomas Wayne Batman running around apprehending, and in some cases, even killing criminals could be an exciting next step to solidify the DCEU’s identity as being something different than what the MCU has to offer. As fans grow weary of multiple superheroes being shoved into films and shows for the sake of maintaining continuity, this separation that could come with the introduction of a standalone Thomas Wayne Batman could be the hit concept that the DCEU needs to restore its reputation as a serious contender where superhero films are concerned.

Only time will tell.



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