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Batman: Is Batfleck Out Of The Picture For Good?

A spoiler-free discussion.

Ben Affleck as BatmanBen Affleck as Batman

With avid fans of the aptly named “Batfleck” continuing to pursue the efforts of garnering adequate attention from the studio to produce a Batman film or show starring Ben Affleck’s version of the Caped Crusader, the likelihood that such a project will ever come to fruition is becoming harder and harder to root for. There has been almost a radio silence on the side of the studio regarding Affleck’s involvement in any of the upcoming films or television shows beyond The Flash movie, spawning rumors that the character could possibly perish in the Ezra Miller film scheduled for release in November of this year.

While there is no concrete evidence as of yet to either prove or disprove the theory of Batfleck’s demise, the actor himself has remained largely silent when it comes to discussing the role beyond The Flash movie. It has to also be noted that Affleck’s appearance in The Flash film will also complete his contracted three-movie deal with the studio to appear as Batman, and as there has been no word of Affleck signing a new deal, the chances of a Batfleck solo outing becomes all the more slimmer.

To further add to this, there is also another matter to consider in order to determine the viability of a Batfleck solo film: Ben Affleck’s age. The actor will turn 50 years old in August this year, and as expressed multiple times by the actor himself, it is becoming increasingly difficult for him to bulk up for the role of Batman at his age. Of course, fans may point out the possibility of the actor’s age being more in line with Frank Miller’s Batman from The Dark Knight Returns, therefore alluding to a potential story and film being written on that front, but as much as we would love to see such a feature film or show take place, the odds of it happening are not looking very good.

Lastly, there is also the matter to discuss regarding the re-introduction of the Michael Keaton Batman into the DCEU through The Flash film. While there is still not much information that could determine if Keaton is indeed the studio’s choice to replace Affleck once The Flash movie is released, it does warrant a second look as there has been plenty of promotional material on the internet regarding an Ezra Miller Flash and Michael Keaton Batman team-up, alluding to the prospect of the Keaton Batman being here to stay.

If the news does break that Batfleck is no longer a thing, it would sincerely be a shame due to wasted potential as there is undoubtedly much more story to be told regarding the character. That being said, we shall, like the rest of you, wait with bated breath to see what Andy Muschietti’s The Flash movie has in store for the character, for it will be the movie that will either open the door to new possibilities for Batfleck or be the final nail in his coffin.



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