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Little Adjustments For Better Sustainability

Isn’t earth magnificent? You do not have to label yourself as an environmentalist to agree on that. With the prevailing environmental conditions that have caught the eyes of the politicians; whether they do believe in global warming or not, it is an issue we do not need confirmation for because we feel it changing everyday. Not everyone would be willing to go out into the streets to spread awareness about the matter, but we can do that from our home. Setting examples to your kids or even is an interesting topic to talk about with your peers while sipping on a glass of red wine. Don’t be fooled because these may be minor adjustments, but they have major impacts.



It is a fact that very few people are actually capable of keeping plants alive and the rest of us let the fact slip our heads that these oxygen-producing things need water and sunlight as well. Put a reminder if you need to, but watering plants can easily be a part of your routine if you are committed to it. What would be game-changing is low light houseplants! Starting with ZZ Plant, which is a death-proof houseplant (to a certain extent), Ferns, Snake Plant, and Pothos. A number of the most common houseplants with the lowest maintenance needed as possible. Aside from giving your living space the nature touch it needs, you are doing the world good.



Something as simple as choosing the right kind of lightbulbs to use can be crucial. Electricity plays an important role in contributing to global warming. Opting for LED light bulbs is always the better option. As much as one can love a dimmable light bulb to achieve that romantic and more zen vibe, it is not the most environment friendly.



Let’s apply the ‘Reduce, Reuse and Recycle’ mantra into your home. Reduce your waste, starting from purchasing more organic foods rather than processed ones to eliminate excessive packaging. If you are bored of your old furniture, considering donating them to a new home, thus someone else can reuse it. Opting for vintage furniture, you are basically reusing someone else’s, congrats! It does not end there, by definition, recycle means converting (waste) into so something reusable again. Here are some ideas to kick-start your imagination. From a humble ladder to a chic bookshelf and who knows you can hang your clothes with chairs?




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