Add Light To Your Home Space

Plants aren't the only living things that need a sunlight, we do too. A healthy dose of sunlight plays a key role in our daily lives from providing us our vitamin D intake, to keeping us warm or just generally putting us in a better mood. My mom used to constantly encourage me to have a well lit home and as I have a home space of my own now, I completely understand why. There's nothing quite like having natural light stream into an otherwise dark space, keeping the gloom away and making your home look more cosy and cheery.  

Getting natural light into the home may seem like a fairly easy concept, but I struggled in the beginning to make the best of it and as I went along, I learnt some great ways to incorporate it.


Windows are the most obvious option but definitely one worth mentioning. The easiest way to get sunlight into the room is by opening your curtains, and letting the sun come through. Keep in mind that the type of curtains you use can make a huge impact on the amount of light thats being allowed in when its not drawn open. As an example, I've had heavy curtains before that wouldn't allow much light in so I swapped it for something lighter, in a soft, pastel  shade which still allows some sunlight to come through, but also gives you enough privacy from the outside.


Make sure routine window cleaning is done, as dirt (though it may not be obvious) can also stop light from coming in. Trees, bushes or even fixtures and also be a hindrance from your home getting its dose of sunshine. 

There's something incredibly beautiful and romantic about skylights and window roofs.This may not be ideal for most home situations due to cost effectiveness and such, but its definitely worth a mention because of the amount of natural light it can contribute to a home. Sometimes adding side windows may just not be an option, so this makes a great alternative idea. Not only do you get to have a perfectly lit home, you have a great view for night time too.

Adding mirrors to your space is a great way to create a faux natural light source in the home. It helps reflect natural sunlight while making your space look bigger and more spacious, giving it an illusion of a larger, brighter room. Items made out of glass or can ones that can reflect light also help with this illusion. I used this idea for my previous apartment (which was fairly small) to boost the amount of light coming in as well as its size. Worked like a charm!  

Another trick I used to make my space look like it had a lot of sunlight and also make it look bigger, was using soft, light shades of paint for the walls. Pastel and neutral tones work best, as it not only gives the room a brighter look, it also has a homely, classy feel. Avoid colours with yellow undertones because it can give off harsh lighting. As much as I love matte finishing, a shiny surface for the walls is a better bet to help reflect light effortlessly.


August 06, 2017 — Di Kismet