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5 Ways to Give Your Walls New Life

5 Ways to Give Your Walls New Life

Tired of the plain look on your walls?  Well, feel at home as we explore the top 5 ways you can spice up your home’s décor by just concentrating on the walls. After all, the walls carry the largest percentage of your home’s beauty. That said, it is important to note that giving your walls a new life is the easiest task you can do and at the same time the most daunting. You see, all you need, is to add some wall art, most of which are DIY. On the other hand, the wrong wall art fails to blend in with the overall décor of your house.

Without further ado, why don’t we jump straight into the ways you can add a splash of life to your walls!

1. Wall Patterns

It can be anything, animals you love, flowers, mountains shapes, you name it. As long as you can paint systematically to create a consistent pattern, this is another DIY wall art idea that has your personality attached to it. In case you lack the skills to paint, there is an alternative. You can relax and try our Kismet’s pattern décor wallpapers of your own choice.

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2. Inspirational Quotes

Should you want to add a personal touch, wall quotes are the best. You can craft up some of your personal quotes or those from your role models to mount on the walls. We have a huge range of wall decals here at Kismet Decals. Not only do we have a large range of talented artists featuring their artwork on our site, we also have a heap of wall quotes! These are great for any room in the house. There's nothing better than waking up fresh to an inspirational quote!

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3. Using Old Records

For those of us who haven’t done away with the vinyl records, this is a good way to ‘dispose’ them off. Hanging them in your guest room’s walls or bedroom will for sure change the look of the house. Arrange them carefully and according to the centre colour to mix it up creatively.


4. Gallery Wall

What better way to decorate your walls than to put memories of your friends and family up! Put all your favourite family photos together, make them black and white or bring out the colour in a few of them to mix it up. Don't be afraid to use different sized frames, it adds a bit of character to your walls!

5. String art

String art not only dazzles the house, but also helps you explore your creativity. With simple and accessible tools, nails, wooden board and strings, you will have an amazing experience putting together whatever you want on your wall.

Here's a great DIY String Art Tutorial you can check out!

To sum up, you should be open to different ideas to convert your home into a colorful place. After all it is your house. Kismet decals together with the above wall art ideas will compliment your house’s décor.

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