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5 Awesome Ways To Spice Up Large Wall Spaces

Yes, I know the best way to fill a large blank space is with an enormous piece of art. But, don’t just fall back on something EVERYONE is already doing. There are other ways you can spice up a wall and I’ve got the goods for you:


Scatter Sculptures

Arrange a variety of sculptures on your wall for an artsy, 3-dimensional effect. This French home belonging to a Middle Eastern princess showcases a series of sculptures by Romain Sarrot. The armchair is by Andrew Martin and is upholstered in a Beacon Hill fabric. The cocktail table is by Willy Daro and the 1950s lamp is by Marianna.



Set Up An Artsy Bookshelf

A great way to decorate a large blank space is to have a big bookshelf as it is also functional. You can neatly arrange all your books and decorate the spaces between the books with collectibles from your travels and more. This is a great way to make your wall personally appealing. I love that books always have a little bit of history. It is also a great way for guests to sort of explore the area and find out more about the hosts.


Split A Photo

There so many ways to do this. You can split a picture in twos, threes or fours. You can select an artwork that’s already split or blow up an amazingly simple photograph that’s personal and create the same effect. I personally picked this because the simplicity of the image just captured my heart. You don’t need a whole load of matching decor to spruce the area up either.


Cover Wall with Eye-catching Wallpaper

I used to see iconic wallpaper dress the entire wall sections of a house. My grandparents had something similar back in the 80s with her old black and white wooden made television and a dim-lit lamp. I absolutely loved it but of course, like everything else it ran out of style. This image brought back some memories with a touch of elegance. See how the Ananbo wallpaper is applied beautifully? I applaud the risk taken to make this a stunning look. Very regal.


Oversized Photograph

You can either hang it up on the wall or go the other way and just let the piece speak for itself as it leans against the wall. This photograph by Heidi Lerkenfeldt: part minimalist, part optical illusion works tremendously when placed as a backdrop along  wicker chair plants. You want a minimalist sort of look for your home to incorporate a large piece like this.


Neatly Arranged Frames

Create a cohesive gallery of artwork. You can do this with literally anything! - kid’s artwork, bought photographs, personal favourites or blank frames, really. This decor style is never goes out of style but be weary of the type of frames you select. Start with thin, simple coloured borders and work your way to something a bit more daring. Play around with shapes, sizes and levels.


Wall Sticker Decals

Transform an otherwise boring wall into something everyone will love. You can even personalise your wall sticker decal right here.

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