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30 Days To A Clutter Free Home: Part 3

And here we go again! This is going to be the very last part for your whole decluttering therapy! Don't worry, only 11 days more to go and I know and believe that all of you here can definitely do it! Most importantly, keep in mind to be absolutely ruthless and stop holding on to stuffs that you haven't used in over a year. Ready? Let's go.

Kids' Rooms

Day 20: Kids' Closets 

Kids outgrow clothes at the speed of light and stain and tear the rest. Keep recurrent clothing and footwear. If a lot of miscellaneous items are stored here, think hard on the “why” of keeping them. Get rid of as much as you can, and find another home for anything that does not belong in your child’s bedroom. Go through the your kids' closets to check out what's wearable, what fits and what can be donated to the childrens' camp or discarded.

Day 21: Kids' Toy Bins

It's very easy to accumulate a lot of toys, but kids also lose interest and outgrow toys fairly quick, too. Have your kids help you go through toys, sports and arts equipment to figure out what they're still using and want to keep and what can be discarded, donated or handed down to a friend's or family member's little ones.


Home Office

Day 22: Office Desk

Workspaces can be hard to keep clutter-free. When you're at your desk, you're working or getting inspiration rather than focusing on keeping it clean. Clutter can really influence the way you work. If you're too disorganised, everything competes for your attention and makes it hard to work, not to mention influence perceptions of your professionalism. So do a sweep of the surfaces in the office and assess what you can keep and what you can toss.

Day 23: Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets can get filled in a hurry, so go through yours to see what you can shred or recycle (on second thought, I think it's way better to just recycle). I get paranoid sometimes overthinking that some authorities will call me up and tell me that I've not paid my bills and the worst thing is I've probably lost the receipt of proof but then I tell myself that I probably don't need that electronic bill from 2005.

Day 24: Mail

Junk mail, bills, newspapers, magazine and flyers pile up faster than lint on clothes. Clear your mail storage area and come up with an order for discarding junk immediately and storing bills that need your attention where they won't get overlooked.


Other Spaces

Day 25: Laundry Room

It is amazing how quickly we can stockpile clutter in this room. The washer and dryer are flat spaces, after all, and it is easy to put stuff on top of them, especially if you don't have a top loading washing machine where you have to lift the lid each time you wash something. The most likely clutter offender in my laundry room? Worn clothes strewn around the washer and dryer that I've meant to wash but kinda just "forgot". Other laundry offenders include coins and receipts that fall out of pockets and end up on the dryer. Clear it out!

Day 26: Porch

Porches can get cluttered quickly with gardening equipment for the green thumbs or those who tried to grow a green thumb that never got put in the shed and shoes, boots that got left outside because they were muddy and soiled. Reevaluate the porch and put items in their proper spots.

Day 27: Hobby Room

Have a space or work room for lounging, hobbies or home improvement items? See what you can toss out or donate and what you can better organise.

Day 28: Basement

Now that you've gone through your house and properly stored things in their rightful places and gotten rid of the stuffs that are cluttering your life, check out your actual storage spots. If you've had boxes of books packed away for years, chances are that you won't re-read and also don't need them (I know this is going to be extremely hard for a bookworm but you can do it buddy!). Well then it is high time to rent a dumpster and get rid of everything that is not in use. Can you rearrange anything to make more space? Can you sell or donate anything you don't need? Bonus points to keep your basement from looking like a set for horror movies and other sneaky uninvited guests!

Day 29: Garage

The garage can be quite a chore, so leave it for the weekend and a day when it's beautiful and sunny outside. Get rid of what you don't need like those crooked pair of pliers that's been lying around for eons, pump up flat bicycle tires that your kids never got around to doing and get that lawnmower ready for a fresh new turf!

Day 30: Car

When you're finished with the garage, don't forget about your car as it is also one of the places where you're most frequent at. Get rid of the obvious trash (empty water bottles, wrappers, food crumbs etc.) but also check the glove box for expired credit cards, loose change, expired packet biscuits you can toss and snacks that melted last summer.


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