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2017 Colour Trends For The Home

The new year starts with the clinking of champagne glasses, friends, family, and resolutions. And lets not deny it  a little redecorating. Even if it means just a fresh coats of paint, donning the colours that are making waves in the home decor scene can transform your space. But since were at the halfway mark of the year, why not give your home another quick face lift? A quick refresh could see you through till the end of the year, maybe even boost your moods. I'm a sucker for colour trends and can be quite unapologetic about it, so if youd like to try some out, here are my top favourites for this year! 


Not the typical girly shade of pink, this one takes a more subdued, pale tone making it a neutral colour that is loved by many (including me!). Because its easy to mix and match, this light shade of blush has been around for a while in the home decor scene and doesn't seem to be leaving anytime soon. Deemed the 'Millennial Pink, this colour ranges from blush to pinks with salmon undertones. Trending in not just home and living, but also seeping into the fashion scene making its way into closets, it's no surprise this calming tone tops the list.  



Taking a cue from the subtle tones of dusty rose, just with a little glamour and dazzle of gold to the mixrose gold is a colour trend that is fast gaining popularity. Obsessed with this beautiful rosy tint, I've added accents of it wherever I can, be it on borders, cutlery, throw pillows - anything I can get my hands on! Its not exactly an easy colour to find on most design pieces and it can also rake up quite a hefty price tag. My go to DIY alternative is getting a can of spray paint and spraying whatever object I want. This way I manage to match my decor pieces (including my wall decals) and if I want to play around with the shades and tones, I just need to layer it on.   


Yellow is such a happy colour! As the colour of sunshine, it immediately gives a room new life. With such a vast variety of yellows that can be used for your home space, there's definitely a shade for everyone. My latest obsession is what most people call Sunshine Yellow but I secretly refer to it as Yellow Submarine (yes, like in The Beatles song). It's bright and striking, definitely demanding attention. I've used it on one wall of my kitchen, because some morning cheer is always a good way to start the day as I whip up breakfast for my family 


Pantone colours of the year are a definite add on to popular colour trends for sure. Though many weren't too impressed with this particular shade of green, I took an instant liking to it because it almost feels like youve brought the outdoors indoors when you use it. It also works great with the terrarium and monstera leaf trend that is really popular right now. Like the yellow, it demands attention and should be used sparingly to ensure it's not overdone. A feature wall, some furniture or even details in the shade such as posters are just the right touch needed to keep it  green and classy.  




No, not the book. Greys have become a staple in most modern homes, especially those going for a minimalisticclean and industrial look. From dark greys to lighter tones that almost look white, I love how grey gives a tasteful touch to any room. Monochrome has always been 'in' and Im highly doubtful it will ever fade away as a trend due to just how versatile it can be. To give my bathroom a more minimal look that requires little work, grey was the perfect choice to go with. 

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