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What Has DC FanDome Revealed? What About It?

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DC Fans are FINALLY rewarded for our patience through the announcements and trailers that came with DC FanDome’s spectacular first day, namely the first official trailers of Robert Pattinson’s The Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman 1984, The Justice League Snyder Cut, a teaser of Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Black Adam, character reveals of The Suicide Squad, and the official game trailer and first-look of gameplay of Gotham Knights. Phew! Not sure about you guys, but I was up all night in a different timezone waiting for each and every trailer! Now, let’s discuss.

The Batman
the batman 2021 robert pattinson
Is Robert Pattinson the right choice for the fan-favorite vigilante? Fans are divided, but personally, I think it's a perfect cast. Forget about his unfortunate shiny appearance in the popular vampire series, or his short-lived character in the Harry Potter film. Have you seen The Lighthouse? Or Water for Elephants? Given a good script, Pattinson is a brilliant actor, and I believe he shall carry the weight of the vengeful bat on his shoulders with sufficient strength and charisma. With this trailer, I can finally (and gladly) say that I’m looking forward to a DC film, and can’t wait to see what else is to come. Check it out.

Wonder Woman 1984
ww84 wonder woman 1984
Wonder Woman was probably the only DC film after Man of Steel that didn’t disappoint in the last round of failed DC films, and this trailer makes me believe that it has a lot more potential to live up to the greatness of the Amazonian and her stories. However, the only thing bothering me is the fact that they chose Cheetah as the main villain for the film. I've never really considered Cheetah as a profound villain, what more going from Ares the God of War as the villain in the first film, to Cheetah. Nevertheless, we are going to give them the benefit of the doubt. This could be a character build up for a future gang of villains. Kristen Wiig will be playing the role of Cheetah.

The Justice League Snyder Cut
Justice League Snyder Cut
Boy, oh boy. Now THIS could really be a Justice League film. I am happy beyond words that Snyder insisted on pursuing his version of the film, and successfully secured a contract with Warner Max, the brand new film label created through the collaboration of Warner Bros. and HBO. The heartache that we suffered through every minute of watching the Justice League being intellectually and digitally butchered in 2017 can finally heal. Feast your eyes.
P/S: Hope they clean up on the CGI.

Black Adam
Black Adam The Rock Dwayne Johnson
It’s a teaser trailer, there’s nothing much to talk about or expect yet. But I believe that The Rock is a good fit for the role, and has always fit in well with other big names on screen. Does this film has potential? Yes. Can it be a completely waste of time? Also yes. We'll just have to wait for the official trailer to come.

The Suicide Squad
The Suicide Squad
Everyone remembers what happened the last time, right? James Gunn revealed every character and the responsible actors, and said “it’s going to be different from any superhero movie ever made.” The last time, it was a little different too, and that didn’t work so well. However, I’ve got my fingers crossed. This one sounds, and looks good.

Gotham Knights

Red Hood. Finally. Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting to play Red Hood in a game? And not just him, we get to play Nightwing, Batgirl, and Robin. And the cherry on top; WE CAN EVEN PLAY CO-OP! Definitely an upgrade we need and deserve! Check out the official trailer and first look at the gameplay walkthrough.
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