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Unique Treehouses Around The World

Ever since we were kids and even now, most of us (but I'm guessing ALL of us) have always dreamed of having a tree house as a safe haven; a super secretive hideout where we could establish a top-secret club house with our best buddies and sidekicks planning on magical sci-fi adventures far away from our pesky parents. Some of us still do, or at least I know I do! 

Luckily, the tree house has become more than just a fairy tale-like hideout or an exotic living place in far-away lands. For those who seek to realize some of their greatest childhood dreams and are looking for a unique way to recharge and relax, architects and designers around the world are happy to indulge your childhood nostalgia. They now offer some unbelievable spectacular tree houses and hotels for holidays that you can book for the night; comfort are a step above a sleeping bag and flashlight, and the vistas are wildly better than your patio.


The HemLoft Treehouse (Whistler, Canada)

The HemLoft, a secret treehouse hidden inside the woods of Whistler, Canada was forged by Joel Allen, a then 26 year old former software developer who decided to shift his career to carpentry. 

The treehouse resembles an egg made out of plywood ribs to set its form and foraged wood to fill out the rest. It has a minimalist setup and is best for those who enjoys camping because it has no running water and electricity. It also features pop-open windows on the roof of the HemLoft that are perfect for the starry sky lovers or even those who enjoys observing the woody sceneries.


Plane Treehouse (Costa Rica)

If you have always fantasized yourself playing the characters of Lost or maybe even living like the Swiss Family Robinson, Costa Rica may just be your ideal destination for your treehouse!

Perched in the canopy of the Costa Rica rainforest is a 727 airplane turned into a two-bedroom treehouse, set to the backdrop of one of the most beautiful national parks in Costa Rica, Manuel Antonio. And the most exciting part is, rather than being greeted in the morning by a dog or cat, you’re greeted instead by monkeys!



Mirrorcube Treehouse (Sweden)

Behold, the Mirrorcube, named thusly because, well, it's a mirrored cube. This is the treehouse for all the modular and minimalist architecture lovers out there! It allows you to see out from the inside at the forest and animals around it, who won't even know you're there. Kinda like a "spyglass" exterior that blends it into the nature but they have a special film that actually allows animals like precious birdies to bump into it.

If you're not a fan of the Swedish winters, fret not! For the interior of the Mirrorcube is insulated and comes with electrically heated floorboards to ensure you a warm and cozy stay.


The Bird's Nest Treehouse (Sweden)


This huge nest with a retractable staircase from below forms part of a hotel in the trees in northern Sweden. It is supported by existing trees and the exterior is covered in twigs.

This concept is inspired upon the contrast between exterior and interior. From the outside it appears as a big nest, only the scale separating it from other nests in the vicinity while the interior sparks a high standard room with modern designs. This Bird's Nest might even confuse the birds even more and the next thing you know, you find tiny nests among this huge nest!


UFO Treehouse (Sweden)

I think by now we can all agree that Sweden has the best treehouses among all the other places. And here comes one which is totally out of the box. So who's excited to see where Mr. Bean disappears to everytime the UFO spaceship shines on him? Me!

On a side note, it looks dreamy at night too.







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