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Types Of Dreamcatchers For The Home

A dreamcatcher, originally made by Native Americans not only looks beautiful but has a beautiful story behind them. It is believed that dreamcatchers catch bad dreams, filter them and send only good ones back out to the person who's asleep. Made from willow hoop with a handwoven net, these are traditionally made using things from nature such as beads and feathers. It has since evolved into so many variations. This mobile piece with its intricate weaving and whimsical, flowing feathers have made quite an impact in the boho chic decor trend and there are so many types to choose from.   


Let's start with something more traditional. A dreamcatcher hardly uses natural products except for the feathers these days, though even then there are synthetic options to choose from. I prefer the fake ones only because they are cruelty free, or alternatively, genuine cruelty free ones can be purchased too. The authentic way to make a dreamcatcher is by weaving which only tells you just how much work, precision and skill goes into getting it balanced and neat.  

Some maintain the traditional weaving but opt for different materials for its hanging mechanism. Instead of feathers, tassels and ribbons are definitely a good substitute as they not only add on to the looks of the dreamcatcher, but also fill up the space without looking too over the top. I love the idea of using several dreamcatchers to create a curtain-like design or bed hanging, such as the one below. 

Now change the weaving instead of the feathers! There's so many options to play around with and there's no end to the looks you can create. Want something nature and still bohemian inspired? The tree of life design (in the image below) is a great idea. You can also add little designs such as charms and gemstones hanging from the tree. 

Want to make your own and don't want to go through the process of learning how to do the weaving and mastering it? Here's a quick solution - use lace instead! Its an easier way to create something similar and allows you to create it within minutes. Besides, it looks so pretty and dainty. The colour options are endless too!  

This is an especially cute idea for a babys cot or outdoors if you'd like to add chimes. A dreamcatcher used flat can double as a hanging and turns the entire design into something completely different. Add on fairy lights and you've got yourself a bit of magic right there.

Another way to make an easy dreamcatcher is by creating a floral design around a hoop base with hanging details of your choice. It may not exactly be a dreamcatcher but the structure and design is similar to one, so I'll let it slip since it still gives off the same decor feel. You can even add vines or flowers streaming down from it to give it more of a nature-inspired look.

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