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Traditional Furniture With a Modern Twist

When it comes to decorating the home, there's no strict rule to follow which makes mixing traditional furniture with modern ones a unique chance to flex those style senses. It's always a wonderful thing to have inherited or hunted down an antique. It’s also equally as great to be able to add it to a modern home space and create a fresh outlook. There are tricks to how you can do it ever so flawlessly and I'm more than happy to share with you the tips I've picked along the way with some help from professionals too. If you can't choose between a traditional look for the home or a modern one, chances are after this you won't have to anymore!





This is so important when it comes to decorating any home space! Know what sort of look you are going for —if you're open to something more modern than traditional, how far you're willing to take the traditional look, what kind of final outcome you’re hoping to achieve. Once you've established this, everything else will slowly start falling into place. Keep in mind what furniture you already have, and what you'd like to add onto create the room of your dreams.





In most traditional homes, built-in cabinets and cupboards are definitely a norm. The only problem is if its built in, refurbishing and redoing it can cost an arm and a leg. If the cabinets aren't falling apart or damaged, all they need is a little revamp and touch up to look as good as new. Keep the traditional look with a fresh coat of paint or even tile work to give it the right modern twist it needs. Play around with colours and designs to give it a fresh look without taking away from its original style.





I love big comfy sofas and armchairs, huge dining tables, and almost anything that has been passed down as an antique. When it comes to bigger pieces, especially if they happen to be in good condition, there's not much to do. However, do keep in mind when using them to add pieces of modern furniture that compliment these pieces. As an example, if you have a large armchair, pick a table that matches the colour scheme so it doesn't look like two completely different pieces. The idea is to let it blend together subtly.





Modern accessories and knick knacks such as rugs are great to add to any living space. Giving the space the right touch of current decor trends, plants also play a key role in preserving the look without trying too hard. Instead of the usual flower vases, opt for trendy plants such as monster a palm plants or even succulents in terrariums.


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