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The Perfect Year Round With Wicker Furnitures

Wicker furniture may evoke thoughts of unwinding outside in the heat of summer. But the material is also perfectly suited for the bedroom, the dining room, the living room and well, just about every room you have inside your house!

Wicker, rattan, and bamboo have been a part of interior home design for ages. These pieces are surprisingly versatile, working in traditional, modern, and bohemian rooms. They also provide an easy way to add texture and architectural interest to any space! The temperature may have dropped, but it is still weaving its magic as one of the hottest interior trends and that's because wicker isn't just for the patio.

The scoop to doing the ‘new’ wicker is to choose a couple of key pieces to mix and complement with your basics. The natural contours and shapes of wicker really do make a striking feature in a room.


Choose your statement accent piece

Look to wicker for a honey-hued pop in a neutral bedroom or as a chic way to tone down the formality of a traditional living room. Whether bare or layered with cozy textiles, it’ll make a natural statement.


Sundry seats for dining

Bet you didn't know but traditional outdoor armchairs are just lovely and super-beautiful at your indoor table as it is on the patio! Whether it's accenting a formal dining set or enhancing a cozy upholstered banquette, wicker bestows a casual grace and poise to any dining recess.


Illuminating Wicker

Both modish and practical, large ample orbs in natural woven fiber are an unique accent for illuminating a kitchen island, anchoring a casual living room or defining a warm and airy dining area while also giving off a panache of the bohemian vibe.


Consider fiber woven tables

Wicker vintage tables with their airy silhouette creates the illusion of both light and space in a heavily trafficked room. Plus, how else could there be a more relaxed perch for resting your teacup on a lazy Sunday by yourself or with your loved ones?


Weave the ground

One of the most contemporary ways to sport wicker is, believe it or not, on the floor. Use a wicker weave rug as the base of your room, or layer it up with your favorite abstract patterned rug, animal hide (STRICTLY FAUX) or a Moroccan rug for extra intrigue.


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