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The Mandalorian: Will We Ever See Grogu Again?

Spoilers for The Mandalorian. Now available to stream on Disney+.

Grogu, a.k.a. The Child, seen here using The Force to save Mando

Disney’s The Mandalorian has been a blast of a series, featuring memorable characters, intriguing subplots, and excellent world-building worthy of any Star Wars offering. That being said, arguably one of the best facets that the show gave audiences was the character of The Child, later revealed to be named Grogu, an infant-like version of the still unknown Yoda-like species in Star Wars canon. This adorable, pint-sized companion to the titular Mandalorian was a welcome sight that warmed viewers’ hearts throughout his appearances on the show’s first two seasons. Now, with the news of season 3 of the show being slated for release sometime in 2022, fans, like us, have been pondering what is probably the toughest question in relation to the show: Will we ever see Grogu again?

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To quickly recap the events of the show’s season 2 finale: In what can only be described as a truly tear-jerking scene, Mando and Grogu are forced to part ways, with the latter being carted away by the one and only Luke Skywalker, presumably to begin the youngling’s training as a Jedi. We would be dishonest if we claimed that we did not shed a tear or two at that moment.

Mando and Grogu
Mando, seen here bidding his final goodbye to Grogu
The last time we see Grogu in the finale.
The last time we see Grogu in the finale.

As heartbreaking as it was to see the infant child being separated from Mando in the episode’s final moments, we believe that we have certainly not seen the last of that character on the show. After all, Grogu was a big part of Mando’s life throughout the 16 episodes we have been given thus far, almost to the point of reforming the morally grey Mandalorian into becoming a hero. As the tiny green force user served as a sort of adopted child to the titular character, there would surely exist a gaping void in season 3’s presentation should Grogu not reunite with his surrogate father, lending greater credibility to the notion that he should undoubtedly return.

May the force be with us on this.


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