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The Batman: What Needs To Happen In The Sequel

A spoiler-free discussion.

The Batman: What Needs To Happen In The Sequel

Now that Matt Reeves’s The Batman has been officially given a sequel by the studio, there are certainly a lot of expectations from both the fans and the studio to deliver a sequel that is worth its weight in gold. Especially if the studio intends to build the Batman into its own elseworld franchise, the team behind The Batman will most certainly have to sit down and properly outline a tightly written script that would be memorable for days to come.

As this Batman is seen to be a more grounded approach to the character, even when compared to Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy, we can expect that the production team will be working on this premise to ensure that the sophomore offering will not be one that is jarringly different from the first film. The movie will need to retain its neo-noir aesthetic, showcasing The Caped Crusader as the World’s Greatest Detective that he is known for, following the clues left by his foe and unraveling the mystery of that which is rotten in the state of Denmark.

Aside from that, we would also like to see more interactions between Pattinson’s Batman and that of Zoë Kravitz’s Catwoman. The Bat and the Cat is a tale of a dangerous love story with both characters existing on opposite sides of the spectrum when it comes to the law. That being said, if the writers could find some way to flesh out the relationship more, it would certainly be a welcome sight to see the Bat and Cat romance materialize on screen.

Apart from this, there is also a case to be made about the next villain that will be introduced in the sequel. There have been rumors that the next member of Batman’s Rogues Gallery to be introduced would be The Joker. As interesting as this idea would be to see yet another version of The Joker on screen, we are certainly hoping that the writers hold off on featuring The Clown Prince of Crime and instead include a villain that has either not been seen on screen as of yet or one that needs to be redeemed such as that of Mr. Freeze.

There is no doubt that choosing the appropriate villain for the sequel will be no easy task, especially when the world that Pattinson’s Batman resides in is one that is grounded and ultra-realistic. Perhaps a character like Bane would make an appearance as the primary antagonist for the film, or perhaps the studio might be bold in choosing a villain such as Poison Ivy.

With all that being said, we, as fans of The Batman, will wait with bated breath as we anxiously anticipate the next installment in the Pattinson Batman universe. Regardless of what the writers opt to include in the sequel, we can rest assured in knowing that there will certainly be some exciting things for us to bear witness to when the film is finally released.


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