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Teen Room Decor Ideas for Girls

Sugar and spice, and everything nice, that's what girls are made of! At least that's how the saying goes. That however isn't entirely the truth anymore. Girls are so much more than that and they're not afraid to explore, learn and show it off! I love that girls are so empowered these days in it resonates in everything they do, from their attitude, to their sense of fashion and even style of their room. A teen girl's room is treated as a sacred sanctuary of her secrets, dreams and all that she needs which is why it's so important to have the room designed the right way. Here are some teen room decor ideas for girls, that will definitely up their sense of style.





The bed is the most essential part of any room and definitely the focal point as well. Besides the obvious of having a really comfortable mattress to help with your slumber, the right decor is vital too. Having a nice comforter (in this case quilted) and a throw blanket, like the knit one here, can really up the aesthetics game. Add a bunch of multi designed throw pillows in a similar theme and you've got yourself a bed that looks like it was styled by a professional.





Faux fur is all the rage! I like how it adds texture and contrast to the room, making it really stand out without much effort to it at all. You can use it as a rug, or even as a bed feature to give it an Instagram-worthy appeal. In terms of practicality, a rug or throw over your chair would definitely be the more appropriate choice but if you really want to go all out and have that drive in you to do it daily, an extra on the bed works too.





Fairy lights are amazing and I vouch for them over and over again. They immediately light up (pun intended) any room and give it a face lift effortlessly. Stringing fairy lights around the room can also add the right ambience to the look you want to achieve.





Wall decals add a personalized and unique look to your room, making it truly yours and how you want it to be. This look for example, not only gives you positive reinforcements to when you start your day but the polka dots also add the designer flair that easily achieved with minimal work. The best part? It can be removed and replaced with a different design just as easily.





Feature walls are such a fantastic addition. It shows off your personality and if you love crafting or art, you can use it as a showcase of sorts to put up your work in your own space. The options are endless and that's what makes a feature wall so great! You can constantly switch up the look and themes to suit your mood. Basically like a mood board, but on a bigger scale. 


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