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Easy Steps to Remove Wallpaper

It doesn't matter if it's out of style, damaged, stained, totally not your style or featuring your kids' amazing arts, nothing proves that beauty is in the eye of the beholder more than wallpaper. You love your house, no doubt about that but every time you walk pass the living room and you just cringe because just what were you thinking when you chose that wallpaper??

Calm down, wallpaper isn't forever. You can always remove it and replace it with some fresh new wall arts like vinyl stickers! Some people choose to live with wallpaper they dislike because removing it is a big job and you might be thinking that wallpaper removal is a chore and is gonna take up lots of your time but it isn't really! All you have to do is follow these few simple steps that I'm about to tell you. You ready? Here we go: 


Things You Will Need

  • Dropcloths
  • Wallpaper scraper
  • Wallpaper glue remover
  • Spray bottle
  • Sponge roller
  • Paper towels
  • Rags
  • Trash bag
  • Rubber gloves



Start off by protecting your flooring by laying down a dropcloth. You can get an all purpose one from Amazon for only 20 dollars! Remove your switch plates and utility covers if they are removable. If not, then you can opt to cover them up with newspaper or some plastic bags that you have lying around.



Slide the edge of your wallpaper scraper under all four corners of a section of paper to loosen them. Grip a top corner firmly and pull it downward. Go slow and steady, and try to tear the entire section off in one pull. If the paper tears, grab another corner and try again. Repeat until you've removed as much of the paper as possible by peeling.



Apply an adhesive remover following the manufacturer's directions. I personally recommend wp chomp's wallpaper adhesive remover as it really helps to remove all the glue off your walls. The product may require a spray bottle or sponge roller but a normal sponge will do! If you want to avoid any chemical substances, then you can always make your won DIY adhesive remover by adding a 50x50 mixture of water and vinegar and shake well. You should always include a waiting period of 10 minutes after applying the adhesive remover.


Scrape the adhesive layer off with your wallpaper scraper. Be careful when using the scraper! The sharp edges can cause injury to yourself and also gouges and nicks in the wall. Use paper towels to remove the glue from your scraper as you work and keep a large trash bag nearby so that your used paper towels and other wastes go directly into the trash bag as you work.


Lastly, don on your gloves and remove any remaining backing with a cloth or any unwanted rag soaked in adhesive remover. And voila! Your wall is clean and free from the old wallpaper. Now hurry up to the decor store and get yourself a brand new wallpaper! or what about wall vinyls for a change!

April 18, 2018 — Di Kismet
29 Decorative Pieces for an Instant Makeover | Kismet Decals

29 Decorative Pieces for an Instant Makeover

New year new…? If your living space is getting dull, there is absolutely no need for a completely new set of furniture or decor in your house. A tip we have for you! Sell the objects you don’t want anymore online or host your very own garage sale, then it wouldn’t be as much of a damage to your wallet when you do get these jaw-droppingly beautiful decorative pieces that would instantly revitalize your humble home.

Nature first! Here we have a selection of vases that would definitely make a statement. We’ll start with this Ceramic Charleston Jug Crackle Vase in Antique White that is so universal, it will go with many themes you might have around your house.


This next one is definitely a game changer! It is a Levitating Air Bonsai Pot by Blok ‘N’ Bolt Space that uses the Maglev Levitation Technology, it is perfect for small indoor bonsai or herbs that you might want to grow, and it gives the modern futuristic feel in your home!

If you don’t feel like crowding up your coffee tables, make use of your ceilings with these Hanging Macrame Terrarium that comes with a set of 5! Bargain! These glass terrariums will give your home the dreamy floating garden!

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" You are! Silly to think that you need a magic mirror to tell you otherwise, but maybe you do! These mirrors are perfect to complete a modern look and maybe a little bit of magic for this Nova Iridescent Mirror.
Nova Iridescent Mirror
Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror
Here we introduce you beautiful new additions to your kitchen starting with this Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set, Eres Measuring Cups (something unique and dainty), Gold Accent Dinner Plate and Salon Monogram Flute (for your future dinner parties), and last but definitely not least Karala and Agate Cheeseboard (for marble lovers out there)!
Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set
Eres Measuring Cups
Gold Accent Dinner Plate
 Salon Monogram Flute
Karala Cheese Board
Agate Cheese Board
Is it really a makeover without new wallpapers or stickers? No need to change the walls in the entire house, just pick your favourite wall and here are some options for you!
Cat Study Wallpaper
Robin Abstract Art Watercolour Nature Interior Decor Wall Sticker
Archwork Wallpaper
Red Flower Interior Decor Art Sticker Decal
Here we'll shift to the things that you think you don't need but you actually do! Little bits and bobs like this what would make heads turn. It's like the cherry on top!
Amber Ibarrache X UO You Glow Girl Neon Sign

Sketched Floral Medallion Tapestry
Sunnylife Ice Cream Neon Sign Table Lamp
Modern Instax Glitter Frame
Glass Disc Wind Chime
Cat Wax Candle Melts to Metallic Skeleton
Collaged Majida Throw Blanket
Umbra Prisma Picture Frame
Wood Plank Design Hanging Sign
For pleasing the aesthetic and practicality, here we have a selection of art and decor from Jewelry Stand, Ceramic Side Table, Vinyl Record Storage (for the old souls out there) and a beautiful vintage Kimono Floral Window Curtain.
Emilia Tiered Jewellery Stand
Vinyl Record Storage Shelf
Toki Ceramic Side Table
Laurel Kimono Floral Blackout Window Curtain
Antique Brass Wine Rack
With these decorative pieces, you would not be needing a big budgeted makeover where you can have instant change within your financial plan! Happy shopping!
2018 Colour Trend | Kismet Decals

2018 Colour Trend

From the colour institutes to premium paint companies, many have released their predictions for 2018 colour trends. This trend forecast is crucial for the fashion and design industry, as it will indicate the colour standards for either upcoming designer collections or your trendy home in the near future. If you have come across fashion trends in magazines or runaways, what would be obvious to the eyes is the chosen colour palette. For example, new collections come out every season and there would be Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter. Often Spring and Summer represent a lighter in shade and brighter in colour. Where on the other hand, Autumn and Winter leans more to the darker and warmer tone colours. Many designers rely heavily on corporations like Pantone to predict which of many great colours ought to determine and fulfil our creativity.

According to Pantone Color Institute trend forecasting, the classic colour palette for the spring would have more of a cooler undertone with a few warm shades and neutrals. There would be Pantone’s Sailor Blue; a navy and true marine blue with a hint of purple, Harbor Mist; a mid-tone gray also with a cool lilac undertone that was the designated color that could ties together all the colors of 2018, Warm Sand; a classic light neutral brown that is staple all throughout the seasons, and Coconut Milk; that could truly represent the definition of off-white.

Sailor Blue and Harbor Mist


Warm Sand and Coconut Milk



Don't be afraid of choosing darker colours like Sailor Blue as the main colour of your living space! Sailor Blue is a unique shade of blue that could be paired perfectly with lighter colours and it would be complementary with other tones as a whole. For example, here we have Sailor Blue alongside with bone whites and even darker colours like the hunter green sofa and brown notes from the table and leather chair.

Here is the entire colour palette by Pantone for you to compare and contrast which one is the most suitable colour for you. The entire colour palettes continue on lighter however still in the warmer tone. Can be found in various of other colour trends predictions and the similarities are very noticeable. Dark reds that have hints of brown undertones like Spiced Apple, followed by Ash Rose which has a more muted shade of pink/red rather its brown ashy undertone shines through. The colour range escalated to a lighter and peachier undertone that leads to shades such as Blooming Dahlia from Pantone.

Spiced Apple, Ash Rose, and Blooming Dahlia



Ash Rose is very on trend at the moment; fashion-wise and even pink restaurants are the main attraction lately (for aesthetic purposes). It is a subtle tone of mauve-pink that goes with a variety of colours from grey to blue, green, and beige. As you can see below, whether you want to pair it with wood furniture or IKEA whites, everyone would still be able to pull it off.

It is not a complete colour palette without the bright colours. The chosen colours are Lime Punch; could be simply put as a true neon green, Meadowlark; is a confident, bright and lively yellow, Arcadia; is a teal with a subtle cool green and blue undertone, and Cherry Tomato; a bright orangey red, yet is still a fiery red.

Lime Punch and Meadowlark


Arcadia and Cherry Tomato


Completely understandable if you're afraid to paint the entire wall Meadowlark yellow. It is a very bold colour no doubt, but if you pair it with colours such as Warm Sand from the classic colour palette, it can calm down the overwhelming brightness by transferring it to you everytime you see it! Look at that happy doggy!

Last but not least, the colour palette has a spot for the purple-pinkish tones. Starting out with the darkest shade UltraViolet; which does right by its name, a true representation. Goes lighter to Spring Crocus; many would call a mauve colour, a paler purple. Pink Lavender; like the flower itself, an extraordinary shade of purple. On the other hand, Little Boy Blue may seem like the typical baby blue but it can also be classified as periwinkle, a hybrid between blue and violet.

Ultra Violet and Spring Crocus


Pink Lavender and Little Boy Blue


Isn't UltraViolet just a sexy and mysterious colour? First of all, there are two kinds of colours under light exposure, ambient and diffuse. Ambient colour is the shadow colour, may appear darker than the colour illuminated. The illuminated one would be the diffuse colour. If you incorporate Ultraviolet into your living space, it can give you a range of shades depending on your lighting. Even with the slightest amount of light. 

To experiment with different colors can be truly refreshing. There is no need to change your existing furniture, just invest in a really good bucket of paint and you are good to go. Anyway, who wants to live in a house that goes even duller every year? Spice it up with these shades that are going to be on trend next year!