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Coastal Wall Art For A Beachy Vibe

When you think about coastal, sea and beach inspired home decorations, it all leads back to the sunshine, sand, boats, nautical flags, sea shells and more. Beach inspired decorations always look so refreshing, relaxing and calm whether for your home or even party and wedding decorations!

But truth to be told, not all of us own a beach house and most of us aren't even lucky enough to live near a beach. So how do we incorporate some serious coastal vibe into our home without feeling out of place? Well, here comes the existence of wall arts! Below are a few of my favorite picks of photographs, prints, and paintings for all of you ocean lovers that would definitely bring a little coastal charm to our home wherever they are.


1. 'Calm Waters' by Karolis Janulis

This framed shot by Karolis Janulis features vivid tones and supple artistry.


2. Slim Aarons "Deck Dwellers"

April 1967—A general view looking down on sunbathers on the deck of a yacht, off the coast of the Bahamas. The image has been taken from a vantage point on the mast of the yacht.


3. 'Sea Bliss' by Ingrid Beddoes
By the talented English photographer Ingrid Beddoes. She create works that celebrate her love to travel, beaches, and the simple things in life.


4. 'Pacific Coast Highway' by Denise Wong

This abstract landscape piece features a painterly rendering of the Pacific Coast Highway, the famed stretch of road that runs along the California coast with the notion of taking the scenic route by a nature-inspired, bird's-eye perspective. 


5. 'Dappled Waves' Print
This charming wall art features dappled waves design in blue with deckled and floated edges on the mat which reminds foam floating above blue, calm waves.


How To Emphasise ‘Me’ in ‘Homey’ | Kismet Decals

How To Emphasise ‘Me’ in ‘Homey’

Just moved into a new house or you just want to spice things up? Personalising your own home is like wearing clothes, on some days you may not want to put much effort on dressing up but you will always manage to give little hints of your personality. Either you want to go for a pastel theme or have a monochrome persona; make it scream You.

Wood or Tiles

Let’s start from the foundation. Flooring! The thought of changing the whole floor may seem like a lot of work, hence why vinyls exists. Vinyls will save a whole lot of human energy and is cost friendly too (always a plus!). Instead of going through the trouble of which kind of wood you want for your home, you can choose to go for vinyls that gives off a similar look. From the lightness of maple wood, to trusty old-fashioned oak wood.

With the famous attraction for tiles on social media like Instagram, everybody would be demanding to have pretty intricate tiles under their feet. Some may think that it is too overwhelming to have a mosaic-like textured pattern across the floor of their homes, but if you style your furnitures and rugs accordingly, you should be able to pull it off!


Paint or Wallpaper

All the furnitures and items have to look cohesive; hence why ‘cream’ or ‘beige’ are the most reliable colors in the market. The thought of having all the walls in the house painted with a bright color is scary. A solution to that is maybe only paint a couple of the walls around the house and leave some to a safe white. Settle for colors that will go with your house’s color palette, that will bring more dimensions into each rooms.


With wallpapers, the range of option is huge. From vintage to modern, you can get about anything that tailors into your own liking. And if you want the desired effect of a patterned wall without committing into having it on the entire wall, a vinyl wall art is a great alternative. Kismet Decals produces beautiful, cute and unique designs for removable wall stickers.


A Punch of Color

One of many key points to interior design is a color scheme. Whether it is unintentional or not, there would always be an established house color palette. It’s a good thing! Could be your favorite color or your loved ones, it’s a fact that colors can add up the extra mile for your home interior game. Adding colorful pillows and blankets on the sofa, changing up the bouquet of flowers, paintings across the walls, and a vintage wine-red drawer are only a couple of things that individualises a home. If you are still contemplating of which color to invest in, then the color trend predictions 2018 is the article for you!

Vinyl Decal Trend & Why We Love It | Kismet Decals

Vinyl Decal Trend & Why We Love It

Need a brand new look for your wall? Looking for decor that won’t do any damage to your paint or need you to do any drilling? Vinyl decals are an easy way to give life and a brand new look to an otherwise boring surface, without having to empty your bank account or bring out your power tools. They come in so many different forms and can give your wall a stencilled grungy look or something more intricately detailed like watercolour work. What I absolutely love about using decals to decorate my walls is that they’re non permanent (unless you want them to be!) and can be removed as easily as they are to stick on.

Want to know what some of my favourite ways to use decals are? Let me name a few.



The best — and most obvious — way to use decals is to create a feature wall in your home. From images and scenery, to quotes and names, the kinds of looks you can create are infinite. They also work great on tiles, and can spruce up the look of your kitchen without any renovations or spending a fortune.




I love the idea of knowing exactly where everything is, labelled and ready for me to use. My entire pantry is organised with glass bottles and vinyl chalkboard decal labels. That way I get to change and erase the writing whenever I switch containers or products. I also use it for when I have dinners or parties at home, since its not permanent. I can write the names of my guests on glasses so they don't get them mixed up or lost.





Themes and holidays are big in my home and decals make decorating so much easier for me! Customised decals for different festivities such as Christmas, like snowflakes can be added to windows or even faux stick-on fireplace. Simple to apply and only involving a few steps to remove, decals work wonders with short-life span decorating as well as for more permanent uses.


Like some of these designs? Kismet Decals have a range of wall vinyl stickers of all sizes to cater to your desire. Our artists come from all over the world to give you one of a kind art. Click here to shop for more.