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The Batman: Is Andy Serkis A Good Alfred?

What is most obviously out of place with this portrayal of Pennyworth is that the actor appears to be far too young to play the perfect surrogate father figure to Pattinson’s Bruce Wayne. Serkis’s performance simply does not deliver the adequate flair that he could be the Caped Crusader’s confidant in comparison to the likes of Michael Caine’s portrayal of Pennyworth in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy of films. While the Alfred character in Reeves’s film is shown to be of sharp mind as he assists Pattinson’s Batman in uncovering the Riddler’s puzzles, the performance often seems forced and out of place, almost as if the scenes could have taken place without the character and have no effect on the film overall.
The Batman: How Paul Dano’s Riddler Redeems The Character | Kismet Decals

The Batman: How Paul Dano’s Riddler Redeems The Character

Of course, it is obvious to any moviegoer that Dano’s version of the character borrows heavily from the likes of the serial killer John Doe from the movie Seven, a characterization that is well-known to outsmart the police and come out victorious in the execution of his grand scheme. This makes the character out to be a force to be reckoned with, one that audiences will certainly be well enthused to see returning in future installments of the Matt Reeves Batman-verse. Coupled together with the pitch-perfect casting of Paul Dano in the role, the Riddler is able to be a creepy first look into what is in store for The Batman now that the floodgates of the crazy Arkham Asylum residents have been opened to Gotham.
The Batman: Is Robert Pattinson A Good Bruce Wayne? | Kismet Decals

The Batman: Is Robert Pattinson A Good Bruce Wayne?

This portrayal came across as a little too odd for the Bruce Wayne character that fans have come to know over the years. If anyone in Gotham was to pay just a little more attention to his behavior, they could certain deduce that the billionaire Bruce Wayne is, in fact, the Batman, and that is precisely what we take issue with.
Batman: The Importance of Nailing The Right Bat-Voice | Kismet Decals

Batman: The Importance of Nailing The Right Bat-Voice

A spoiler-free discussion.

Robert Pattinson as The BatmanRobert Pattinson as The Batman

“I’m vengeance.” - The Batman

Among the many gadgets and tricks that The Caped Crusader employs to put the literal fear of god into his enemies, one particular trait stands out as what we believe is the most important of them all: his voice.

Throughout the many years that Batman has appeared on screen, there existed a pressure on the actor who would eventually don the cape and cowl to not only exhibit the physically menacing presence of The Dark Knight but also communicate that said presence through his voice. After all, Batman would not be Batman if his voice did not reflect his image. The “bat voice”, while unique to each individual interpretation of The Caped Crusader over the years, is essential to the kind of superhero that he is.

To put it simply, Batman is a character that often relies on intimidation, whether to extract information out of a low-level thug or to espouse a stoic monologue that would send chills down the spines of most of his Rogues Gallery and subsequently send fans cheering at how cool the character is.

Ever since the Keaton era Batman, it is an accepted truth that the bat voice often used in the films is one that is a combination of a whisper and a gravelly low-register tone. This gives the Batman the right amount of grim appeal that makes his foes instantly take him seriously.

That being said, the most widely recognized Batman voice associated with the character is Kevin Conroy’s voice from the animated series and video games. Unlike the films, Conroy’s voice presents a clear and commanding tone, one that presents him as a leader and a serious individual that should not be messed around with.

Then, of course, there came Christian Bale’s Batman, who utilized a more coarse sort of speech that received mixed reviews from fans. While it did suit the version of the Batman that Bale portrayed, it would ultimately go on to be a running joke that Bale’s Batman suffered from a sore throat and hence developed the voice.

With Batfleck, however, his portrayal of The Caped Crusader presented him as using a voice modulator to give him a more robotic and low-register, completely masking his voice and concealing his identity while also sounding threatening enough to do the character justice.

With that being said, it would appear that the Robert Pattinson Batman appears to be applying a style of bat voice that is a mix between the Keaton era Batman and the coarser Bale Batman voice. This could make the character appear grimmer and ultra-serious to audiences. We would certainly be interested to see if the actor manages to convince us with his interpretation of the character because the Batman is not truly the Batman without his voice.



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