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How To Style Your Bedside Table!

Raise your hand if your bedside table is actually your dumping ground for whatever things that you have on your hand when you get ready for bed. Well, more often than not we take for granted just how necessary it is. Your bedside table should really be an aesthetic decor for the eyes as it’s one of the first things you see when you wake up and the last thing you see before hitting the sack at night! Show some love towards it and transform your bedside table into a reflection of your personal classy, chic and elegant or even quirky style, giving it the attention it so rightfully deserves. Trust me, it makes a difference to how you start your morning and you'll be happier about it.




Most rooms already have a colour scheme or a specific look to follow e.g. contemporary, rustic, vibrant. Plan out what kind you’re going for, what sets your mood, what theme you’d like and vibe you want to project and from there, create.




Tables come in many forms so pick wisely based on your needs. Sometimes you may need extra storage space so an ideal table would be one with drawers or space that allows you to store items like your favourite books, pens and notebooks to write down last minute ideas, snacks although snacking in the middle of the night is never ideal but sometimes you just get hungry! Either way, make sure you check the sizing to suit the look you want for the room and for yourself!




A lot of people, including me like having a night lamp (I love those weirdly shaped ones which intrigued me) for when I want to finish reading or jotting down last minute ideas and dreams that I want to remember when I wake up in the middle of the night while still in bed. Here's when a bedside table comes in handy as we're half blind in the dark anyways. Gone are the days of lamps being just you know, functional and bland, they now come with fashion and flair. From different colors and designs, there's tons to pick from.




Travel back to basics and try not to overdo the entire set up for the beside table. The idea is to keep it minimalistic, chic and still serve its purpose as a space to keep your bedtime necessities. A cluttered table is never ideal and never let's be honest, aesthetic, so arrange your items to create a more neat and simple look.  




There's always a few must have items by your bedside that calms you or help make life easier for you. For me, it's always my really loud alarm clock so that I won't snooze it and drift back into dreamland, a bottle of water in case I get thirsty in the middle of the night and a selected indoor plant to bring in some fresh air. 




The actual best part of decorating anything at all is being able to add my own personal touch, making the space my very own! In this case, scented candles and fresh flowers are a great way to add fragrance as well as fill up the space with something beautiful to look at. If that's too feminine for you, step it up a notch by adding a sculpture or artwork that inspires you to be productive every morning when you wake up. Either way, the goal is to create a look that you'd love waking up to and feast your eyes on. 

Clever & Money-Free Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations | Kismet Decals

Clever & Money-Free Ways to Store Your Christmas Decorations

The alarm clock wakes me up in a stumble this morning. I sit up on my bed slowly and rub my groggy eyes. I peer through my off-white curtains and catch a glimpse of the rising sun. 

Here we are the week after the holidays: REALITY. 

Then comes the dreaded part of it all: taking down all your Christmas lights and basically everything that has to do with the holidays. You can leave it up all the way till February (guilty as charged) but a new year calls for a change. 

But let's not have let ourselves feel all too blue during this January. With these unbelievable tips, you'll be blessed with the gift of organised holiday decor spirit! 

Believe it or not, you don't have to take a drive to the nearest IKEA to purchase compartmentalised boxes to store your used ornaments. And, reusing the boxes your ornaments originally came in actually takes up a lot more space. But then, if you get as excited as I am during the holidays, you would have possibly tossed these boxes in bin thinking Christmas was going to last forever, haha! 

You can find inexpensive or be more precise - FREE ways to store your Christmas ornaments.




Store ornaments prone to breaking in egg cartons! You'll find satisfaction with each little round ornament nestled inside each egg hole. Besides, layers of stacked egg cartons would look so organised on your backroom shelf; and you're practically saving the environment! For extra safety, you can wrap each ornament before placing them inside the carton.

Buying a round of Starbucks for the colleagues? Save your coffee trays to store decorative ornaments! They generally fit regularly sized ornaments. 




You can wrap them in two options and I find both fantastic hacks for a clutter-free life after the holidays. Say goodbye to untangling fairy lights! Bid adieu to find out half your fairy light strand work only after you've climbed up and down the ladder wrapping them around some ungodly area. 

If you opt to use disposable cardboards to wrap your lights around for storage, you can write a note on the board to remind you what and where these lights belong: e.g. Two bulbs at the end don't work or front porch lights. This will help you take your festive game up the following year. 

You can also try winding unwieldy strings of lights around coffee cans, Milo tins or paint cans. Andrew McCaul of Goodhouse Keeping says, "Cut an X in the plastic top and stick the plug through. Label each string with masking tape and a marker to remind you which lights go on the tree and which go around the door." Alternatively, if your can happens to have metal cover instead, you can use a heavy-duty paper clip to keep them on its sides. 


I'm always crinkling my nose when I take old candles out of the storage room. They're dusty and sometimes a little stained with last Christmas' glitter or something. This finding is by far the cleverest in my opinion. Ruined your pantyhose? Don't throw them out! You can slot your festive candles in to prevent them from getting scratched and keep them dust-free! 

SPACE SAVING TIP!: Tired of dettaching your Christmas tree every year? Shrink wrap your tree to keep so that your tree in place and dust free! When the festive season arrives, all you'll have to do is grab a pair of scissors to get the tree off the shrink wrap and spread the branches out. 

I hope you had an amazing festive season and wish you all a wonderful year ahead! More celebration! More love! More kindness!



Back-to-School Organising: Ages 5- 8 | Kismet Decals

Back-to-School Organising: Ages 5- 8

Kids gotta have a little chaos around them everywhere they go. It’s cute but as school becomes quite a big chunk of their lives, things have got to change. Things your kid used to do as a toddler like falling asleep at random corners and leaving clothes around the room won’t be as cute anymore.

Leaving stuff lying around the house only makes your child’s days less productive. By instilling these habits (and practicing them yourself), you’re eliminating unforeseen circumstances that may happen while your child is at school. I mean, it’s not exactly a walk in the park when you get a call or realise midway through morning traffic that little Timmy has forgotten his lunchbox and that piece of homework he was working on last night.

While making mistakes may be inevitable, you can help your child slowly get used to a healthy routine. Here are some ways to get into that so that mummy and child can excel in school, at work and the world!



Designate a space in his room specifically for school work and encourage him to do his homework there. You can even integrate the homework station in your home office. With his own space, you can help him create a system to store and organise school books and papers. Include a special pen for signing school forms and writing notes to your kid’s teacher. It’s a great way to get into the habit of reviewing any items needed for the next day. 



Help your child pick clothes out for everyday of this week. This eliminates extra time wasted on indecisions. Nobody likes finding out they have nothing to wear on a school or work day - especially at 6AM! Get a clothes organiser and label them according to the days of the week.



I Heart Organising reclaimed one of her cabinets and turned into a new kid-lunch-making station. She added wash tapes and labels to help the whole family recognise what goes where. The middle shelf holds all of the containers for the lunch boxes, dividers and sandwich keepers and their thermoses. You can do many little things to create an organised lunch station. This way, you won’t be storming around the kitchen trying to reach at opposite ends of the kitchen just to make a turkey ham sandwich. Keep everything together but tidily for easy mornings.



You and your child should set a time every day in the homework zone to check their school bag. Start by reviewing their daily planner, then ask them if there are any forms they need to give you or get you to sign. Help your child organise his schoolbag with paper binders or folders.

With just these three simple organising tips, you’ll find it so much easier to stay on top of everything on a daily basis.