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Orange For A Pop Of Colour!

Orange, the color of sunsets and tropical fruits is undeniably cheery and bold while being one of the most versatile colors. Whether as an accent color or the foundation of your color scheme, orange is a color that can lend itself to both formal and casual settings for an unexpected dash of personality and warmth! 

Orange is a close relative of red, and sparks more controversy than any other hue. There is usually strong positive or negative association to orange and generally induces a stronger “love it” or “meh” response than other colors. Fun and vivacious orange radiates warmth and energy. Interestingly, some tones of orange, such as terra cotta, rust, and peach have very broad appeal. It stimulates activity and appetite and encourages socialization.


Why orange?

Orange is a warm color that can truly go a long way to help warm up a space. Unlike red, which the color orange is often compared to, orange is delicate and astute, while still being a warm color. Many shades of orange also have strong yellow undertones, which also help to keep spaces light, fresh and fun.

Chairs covered in pumpkin orange set the tone for this contemporary dining room. The mahogany table and minimal decor in the middle of the spacious room, offers a cool counterpoint to the warm and zesty orange.


Orange colour pairingsOrange is the new black in the sense that it can be paired with a number of colors. You can pair orange with cooler colors such as blue and charcoal grey and in fact, it goes really well with blue!

As well as neutral colors such as white, brown and taupe for a more toned down vibe.

Introduce color (in this case orange!!!) via beautiful fabrics for a look that's subtle, yet fetching. Accessories in vibrant orange can help add vintage whimsy to an interior, like in the bedroom of a cheery beach house.


Orange as a accent colour

It may sound daring or even impossible, but orange can also work well as a paint color either all over a room or as an accent color!

When using orange as a paint color, one of the most victorious techniques is to embody the art of high contrast. You can definitely pull this off this by introducing high contrast colors such as white, light grey or cream.