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Fun Wall Ideas For The Nursery

Coming up with a theme for your child's nursery room can be fun but the hard part? - sticking to one idea. When I was expecting my first child, I was overwhelmed with the number of nursery room theme ideas I came across. I knew I had to either narrow them down or actually come up with my own ideas. Being a busy mum, I chose to narrow them down. 



If you're planning to surprise yourself by not checking your upcoming baby's gender, or you're planning to have your toddler and your baby share a room, or maybe you're just not into the generic "girl" or "boy" themed nursery, you could opt for a neutral themed nursery room. Green is a common color used for neutral themed nursery rooms, it works well for both genders! 



If you're not into the generic look of a nursery room, it's completely okay to go for a more sophisticated color scheme, with shades of gray and black, or even beige, similar to the picture above. You could add some colorful toys to bring that playful pop of color. Plus, this theme is perfect as your child grows up, you don't have to change much.




Create a stimulating environment with a statement wall. It will give that umph for the nursery room and won't be too much if you're going for simple, neutral themed furniture. These little pandas make the perfect statement for the wall, adding color to the neutral themed room.



I love having some beautiful abstract art around my home and rooms as well. Adding a beautiful abstract art wall sticker makes you stop what you're doing, just to look at them and think of the different ways you can interpret the stories behind them. It'll be a fun way to stir up bed time stories for your kids. The above picture is one of my favorites from Gemma Capdevila's collection and could be a great addition to your nursery room.



Add some playful characters to the nursery room. Works well to help get your child's imagination started. The Forest Five from Aleksandra Szmidt's collection is the perfect example of how togetherness would feel like. Showing your child that people or in this case, animals, of different kinds can get together and be friends.


I hope you like the list I've compiled together for the Nursery Decor Ideas guide. Remember that inspiration comes from within you, you don't have to follow a step by step guide of how your baby's nursery should look like- for you are the one that knows your little one the most. 

If you're looking for furniture ideas for the nursery room,you can find it here.



Nursery Room Furniture | Kismet Decals

Nursery Room Furniture

Having kids is one of the greatest blessings I have ever had, I still remember when I was expecting my first child, although I was very nervous to be a mother but the thought of working on a nursery room for my child, made me even more excited for the bouncing baby. 

I found myself browsing through the web, looking for some unique decor ideas for my nursery room and I have compiled some of the ideas I liked together, in two articles. Here are some of the ideas, to help you get started on working on the nursery room.


Multi-purpose Changing Table

If you think you won't have enough space for a changing table, maybe you could find something that has both the changing table and also some storage space. You can help change your baby's diapers and also clothes without having to move back and forth in the room.



Adaptable Furniture

I know its hard, but the truth is, babies grow up fast. Because of that, you're going to need to buy adaptable furniture, that would cater your kid's needs regardless of his/her's age. The storage wardrobe in the picture above could be used to store bottles, napkins, diapers and so on, when your child is just a baby. Slowly, when your child ages up, you could store their toys. Proving that this furniture is worth the space in the nursery.


Movable Cribs

In relation to adaptable furniture, movable cribs are great for when you would like to watch that favorite TV show and also supervise your little one. Plus, my little one used to love falling asleep to the voices from the television shows, although it may be noisy sometimes, but it used to soothe my child very well.


Nursery on a Budget

You don't have to blow all of your savings on nursery room furniture, there are always some second hand nursery furniture in really good condition, some even barely used! If you're not happy with the color or wood stain, you could always re-paint/re-stain them to your liking. You could even buy a throw blanket close to the theme color of your nursery room to cover up the chair which has the pattern or color you're not happy with.



Bring the stars to your child's room. My kid loves looking at the twinkle-y lights, I love sticking on some glow in the dark stars around my child's room and the ceiling, it helps set the vibe for bed time. 


These were some of the ideas I went through before I had my first child, I didn't expect it to be so much but trust me, everything will be worth it in the end. To really personalise the space, give your walls soft colours. Well, if you prefer a bold look; there's no rule in the handbook that says you shouldn't anyway! If you find painting too risky, you could opt for wall stickers