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Creating Your Own Zen Space

As a full time mom (read 'Jane of All Trades' and attempting to master them all), it can sometimes get too much. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and everything that comes with it but sometimes I need some time to breathe and just gather my thoughts. I used to burn out so easily because I wasn't able to have some alone time to recuperate and re-energize before going about my daily routine. Sometimes we're so busy taking care of everything and everyone around us, we tend to forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. This is why I've made it a point to always have some 'Me-Time' because it's so very important to be able to just relax.
Initially I used to have to go out to find some peace of mind, but then I created my own zen space at home. A safe and sacred corner for me to think, meditate and just be. Now whenever I feel flustered and overwhelmed, I just take a time out and go to my little space to zen out. I think its so very important for everyone to have their own zen space, so I'm going to share how I created mine and how you can put yours together as well.
Firstly, you'll need to find a quiet corner or space in your home. It can be anywhere, as long as it allows you to be undisturbed. The idea is to see if the environment is one that relaxes you and helps you unwind. Now that you have your own space, you can add these elements to it (which I personally found helpful in my own space).
I have a huge futon and a bunch of throw pillows on it as I laze around attempting to recollect my thoughts. Some people opt for meditation and create an environment based on that (as I do when I meditate as well) but for just a space to calm my nerves, I like having a place that focuses on comfort.
Studies have shown that looking at nature and being init can help reduce stress. Plants are a great way to create that vibe and are aesthetically pleasing and also helps keep the air clean. If you'd like to keep the space cleaner and use the walls instead, a framed image or a decal would look great too.
Now that you've got your comfortable place to sit on and some beautiful features to look at, add some incense or essential oils such as lavender with properties that help with relaxation. If you aren't someone who likes complete silence, a water feature would be great or an easier alternative would be to put on a playlist of soft sounds of the rain or waves crashing —my personal favorites!
Light makes all the difference when setting the right mood. If you're reading a book or indulging in some art, you'd obviously need a brighter light setting. However if you're looking to just be in your own company then dim lights and some candles flickering would be a great touch.
Part 3: Soraya Tavakoli - Cheer Up Your Little Ones' Room! | Kismet Decals

Part 3: Soraya Tavakoli - Cheer Up Your Little Ones' Room!

Whether it's for playing, sleeping or studying, it is no surprise that children spend the majority of their time inside their rooms. Their space should always be a reflection of their fun and vibrant personalities. And of course kids are not capable enough to decorate their own rooms just yet so you'll need to take charge of it.

And for you to do that you'll need to release your inner child and that's exactly how Soraya Tavakoli's illustrates her artwork. Vinyl stickers are ideal for a kid's room as it is budget friendly to add a splash of vibrancy and personality in a room and it's super fun and easy to apply, too! 

And it is not a big commitment such as painting the walls and whatnot as we all know how kids change their mind everyday. One day their favorite animal would be the dinosaur and the next thing you know, they'll tell you it's the turtle. Now we all know that a mom's love is the best love in the world and this lovely piece called Mama Bunny by Soraya Tavakoli is a gentle reminder of how a mother's love would never know no bounds or limits and that we should always be thankful for it no matter what. 

Might be a little deep for your little one/s but this illustration is all about looking for the right direction in life! Hike To Rabbit's Hill depicts a little ginger-haired boy named Alexander who decided to brave the forest and hike up Rabbit's Hill! He's a little lost at the moment but he'll definitely find his way back soon enough! 

The perfect piece for your perfect summer child who enjoys all things outdoors and is a literal ray of sunshine. This alluring Happy Summer illustration shows a girl with long flowing hair enjoying a warm sunny day on her handmade swing. She is also surrounded by her fluttery twittery friends who will surely keep your child amused! This illustration comes in miniature sizes too so it will not take up too much of your wall space. 

This is a truly sweet piece to add to your collection of children room decor as it reminds your kid that no hugs in the whole wide world will ever give you the warmth and comfort the way the hugs your momma does. In Ellie and Mama we can see that Baby Ellie is perfectly comfortable and fulfilled in her Mama Elephant's doting embrace and love. The lovely wreath of flora and fauna surrounding the both of them gives off the perfect vibe too!

Some people dream of treasure hunt parties, fairy themed parties etc, but my oh my, what do we have here? A dinosaurs' Birthday Party and everyone is invited! There is going to be huge, colorful balloons, presents with big colorful bows, tall cakes and most importantly, good friends! This party is going to be dino-mite and your kids will definitely love it and go for a second round!

A-hoy there mate! This little kid is about to go on a boat trip to visit his friend Little Whale. Braving the rough waves, this young sailor is fearless as he explores the great big sea with his companions. Explorers At Sea is the perfect illustration for your kids' room to remind them to chase for their dreams no matter how tough the waves get.

Start planning your kids' room decoration today, you will love it and they would love it even more:










Part 2: Soraya Tavakoli - Liven' Up Your Living Room with Sorayas'! | Kismet Decals

Part 2: Soraya Tavakoli - Liven' Up Your Living Room with Sorayas'!

There always comes a time when your living room just feels kind of archaic, stuffy, and just plainly in need of some love and affection. Now normally the first thing that would come to one's mind would be stuffs like a new wall color, a trendy rug or maybe some colorful new curtains. But have you ever thought about vinyl decors? 
They're stunning, eye-catching, and can literally brighten up your living space in an instant! Depending on the kind of vinyl decor you choose, you can totally inject some personality into your living room. Just like this piece called Beautiful Daydreamer by the talented Soraya Tavakoli. Showcase your love for wanderlust and big dreams with this beautiful piece with a hint of "Alice in Wonderland" vibes!
Ever wanted a truly whimsical garden with sparkly fairies but that's just all in your imagination? Well, your fairy tale garden might just come true with this enchanting Musical Fairies decor! These faeries are armed with musical instruments to make sure you get a good night's sleep and a lovely day ahead. You'll definitely be adding a sprinkle of fairy dust into your household!
Calling all bunny lovers, this uplifting piece called Nice To Gnome You is definitely a must have for your blank walls! It depicts Little Rabbit striking up a conversation with Mr. Gnome who is out watering his lovely garden. This is sure to also strike conversations with your guests and it is also an ideal gift for any of your bunny loving friends!
Little Rabbit loves you "gnome matter what"; gnome pun intended! Well if you're not a fan of gnomes then this aesthetic illustration of Robin accompanying Rabbit to post a special letter to his best friend Elephant might just be the one you'll want to feast your eyes on! I especially love the firetruck red post box and also the ethereal flora and fauna surrounding it.
So instead of getting a faux deer head to mount it on top of the wall, what about an endearing vinyl wall sticker to brighten up your space? Bring in some peace and calm with this serene piece called Dear Deer which depicts a deer having the most relaxing day ever! Let Little Deer remind you to take a break once in a while, take it easy, and just go with the flow of things.
Vinyl decors come in two sizes (large and miniature) and colors and it totally always leaves a trail of personality and quirkiness wherever you choose to use it as a home decoration pieces or even smaller decors for like your laptops, notebooks and smaller spaces! Have a look at Dear Deer Mini
Why don't you treat your eyes to some here:
Part 1: Soraya Tavakoli - Kismet Decals' June 2018 Featured Artist! | Kismet Decals

Part 1: Soraya Tavakoli - Kismet Decals' June 2018 Featured Artist!

Kismet Decals has collaborated with Soraya Tavakoli for some time now, and we simply "LOVE" her artwork. She is one of Kismet's much celebrated and highly sought after artist.

As a professional artist, Soraya is a children's book illustrator, and she has also embarked in baby products and animation projects.

Her works connects with people from all walks of life - may they be children, mothers who are into wall-decal decoration, career women who would like to add some colors on their laptop...Soraya's work is meant for anyone and everyone, who enjoys a splash of radiance and vibrance in their lives.

Robin and Rabbit

Soraya who started her work as a children book illustrator, has some interesting child-like 'favorites' in her, such as liking ice cream and animals.These 'favorites' of Soraya's are beautifully depicted in her work.



Forest Buds

And ohhh! did I tell you that her favorite color is RED!

Beautiful Daydreamer

Kismet Decals is excited and delighted to feature Soraya's art pieces in our collection. We carry both the Regular-sized and Miniature-sized decals of her work.

Dear Deer   - sample of regular-sized decal

More of Soraya Tavakoli's work will be featured in our postings within this week...stay tuned:
Soraya Tavakoli 2: Liven' Up Your Living Room with Sorayas'!
Soraya Tavakoli 3: Cheer Up Your Little Ones' Room!
29 Decorative Pieces for an Instant Makeover | Kismet Decals

29 Decorative Pieces for an Instant Makeover

New year new…? If your living space is getting dull, there is absolutely no need for a completely new set of furniture or decor in your house. A tip we have for you! Sell the objects you don’t want anymore online or host your very own garage sale, then it wouldn’t be as much of a damage to your wallet when you do get these jaw-droppingly beautiful decorative pieces that would instantly revitalize your humble home.

Nature first! Here we have a selection of vases that would definitely make a statement. We’ll start with this Ceramic Charleston Jug Crackle Vase in Antique White that is so universal, it will go with many themes you might have around your house.


This next one is definitely a game changer! It is a Levitating Air Bonsai Pot by Blok ‘N’ Bolt Space that uses the Maglev Levitation Technology, it is perfect for small indoor bonsai or herbs that you might want to grow, and it gives the modern futuristic feel in your home!

If you don’t feel like crowding up your coffee tables, make use of your ceilings with these Hanging Macrame Terrarium that comes with a set of 5! Bargain! These glass terrariums will give your home the dreamy floating garden!

"Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all?" You are! Silly to think that you need a magic mirror to tell you otherwise, but maybe you do! These mirrors are perfect to complete a modern look and maybe a little bit of magic for this Nova Iridescent Mirror.
Nova Iridescent Mirror
Mkono Hanging Wall Mirror
Here we introduce you beautiful new additions to your kitchen starting with this Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set, Eres Measuring Cups (something unique and dainty), Gold Accent Dinner Plate and Salon Monogram Flute (for your future dinner parties), and last but definitely not least Karala and Agate Cheeseboard (for marble lovers out there)!
Metallic Bar Cocktail Shaker Set
Eres Measuring Cups
Gold Accent Dinner Plate
 Salon Monogram Flute
Karala Cheese Board
Agate Cheese Board
Is it really a makeover without new wallpapers or stickers? No need to change the walls in the entire house, just pick your favourite wall and here are some options for you!
Cat Study Wallpaper
Robin Abstract Art Watercolour Nature Interior Decor Wall Sticker
Archwork Wallpaper
Red Flower Interior Decor Art Sticker Decal
Here we'll shift to the things that you think you don't need but you actually do! Little bits and bobs like this what would make heads turn. It's like the cherry on top!
Amber Ibarrache X UO You Glow Girl Neon Sign

Sketched Floral Medallion Tapestry
Sunnylife Ice Cream Neon Sign Table Lamp
Modern Instax Glitter Frame
Glass Disc Wind Chime
Cat Wax Candle Melts to Metallic Skeleton
Collaged Majida Throw Blanket
Umbra Prisma Picture Frame
Wood Plank Design Hanging Sign
For pleasing the aesthetic and practicality, here we have a selection of art and decor from Jewelry Stand, Ceramic Side Table, Vinyl Record Storage (for the old souls out there) and a beautiful vintage Kimono Floral Window Curtain.
Emilia Tiered Jewellery Stand
Vinyl Record Storage Shelf
Toki Ceramic Side Table
Laurel Kimono Floral Blackout Window Curtain
Antique Brass Wine Rack
With these decorative pieces, you would not be needing a big budgeted makeover where you can have instant change within your financial plan! Happy shopping!