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Creating Your Own Zen Space

As a full time mom (read 'Jane of All Trades' and attempting to master them all), it can sometimes get too much. Don't get me wrong, I love what I do and everything that comes with it but sometimes I need some time to breathe and just gather my thoughts. I used to burn out so easily because I wasn't able to have some alone time to recuperate and re-energize before going about my daily routine. Sometimes we're so busy taking care of everything and everyone around us, we tend to forget to take the time to take care of ourselves. This is why I've made it a point to always have some 'Me-Time' because it's so very important to be able to just relax.
Initially I used to have to go out to find some peace of mind, but then I created my own zen space at home. A safe and sacred corner for me to think, meditate and just be. Now whenever I feel flustered and overwhelmed, I just take a time out and go to my little space to zen out. I think its so very important for everyone to have their own zen space, so I'm going to share how I created mine and how you can put yours together as well.
Firstly, you'll need to find a quiet corner or space in your home. It can be anywhere, as long as it allows you to be undisturbed. The idea is to see if the environment is one that relaxes you and helps you unwind. Now that you have your own space, you can add these elements to it (which I personally found helpful in my own space).
I have a huge futon and a bunch of throw pillows on it as I laze around attempting to recollect my thoughts. Some people opt for meditation and create an environment based on that (as I do when I meditate as well) but for just a space to calm my nerves, I like having a place that focuses on comfort.
Studies have shown that looking at nature and being init can help reduce stress. Plants are a great way to create that vibe and are aesthetically pleasing and also helps keep the air clean. If you'd like to keep the space cleaner and use the walls instead, a framed image or a decal would look great too.
Now that you've got your comfortable place to sit on and some beautiful features to look at, add some incense or essential oils such as lavender with properties that help with relaxation. If you aren't someone who likes complete silence, a water feature would be great or an easier alternative would be to put on a playlist of soft sounds of the rain or waves crashing —my personal favorites!
Light makes all the difference when setting the right mood. If you're reading a book or indulging in some art, you'd obviously need a brighter light setting. However if you're looking to just be in your own company then dim lights and some candles flickering would be a great touch.
How Pantone's Ultra Violet Is Being Used In Luxury Houses Around The World | Kismet Decals

How Pantone's Ultra Violet Is Being Used In Luxury Houses Around The World

Pantone colour of the year 2018 is Ultra Violet. When it comes to shades like violets and purples in home decor; you'll either love it or you'll never warm up to them. A reason for this is that violet and its related shades are not quite common and are pretty dramatic, especially in interior design. When designers do use violet, they do so subtly in patterns on fabrics, cushioning, flowing velvet drapes or as single purple chair in a living room. While many may think a deep violet is melancholy, it can also be playful in its references to science and space travel. For example, pair ultra violet with metallic to elicit a whimsical and celestial atmosphere. To show just how versatile and protean ultra violet is, let's take a look at how the color purple and its varying hues has been used to decorate some of the most beautiful rental homes around the world!


1. PARIS, FRANCE - Rue Paul Valéry, Paris

It is true that many of the homes in Paris have retained their centuries old character but even then, the homeowners have found a way to add in colored furniture and sparing touches to add in personality and a modern take for chic living.


2. PARIS -  Boulevard Raspail IV, Quartier Latin, Left Bank 

Modernize your classics by adding a touch of violet in your living space for a trivialize yet elegant and sophisticated touch.


3. PARIS - Rue de Chantilly, Montmartre Sacré-Coeur - South Pigalle, Right Bank 

Ultra violet is not only made to be used in main rooms of the house but also children's rooms! It's a modern trend and trust me when I tell you that your lovely kids will love this shade in their playrooms.


4. ROME, ITALY - Via della Scala, Trastevere-Gianicolo, Rome

As you can see from here, Ultra Violet furnitures can actually make a really huge statement! Especially when you fins a rug that is in a similar shade that will perfectly compliment everything.


5. ROME - Via dei Volsci, Monti-San Lorenzo, Rome

This is a quote by Eleonora Valle who says: 'Italy has produced some of the world's most accomplished creatives, and our homes in this region take care in celebrating the work of artist's past and present. Whether that's in an oil painting or a quirky take on garden steps, in Rome ultra violet is a color medium for artistic expression.'


6. LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM - Duncan Terrace, Islington, North London

The matching of the plush sofa and the majestic chandelier in differing grades of the colour purple works so perfectly well in this quaint English home.


7. LONDON -  Park Walk IV, Chelsea, London 

The color Ultra Violet is so daringly used here to cover the walls in this narrow dining hall which is beautifully complemented with gold accents for a whole regal look.


8. LONDON -  Priory Road, West Hampstead, London

A bold, velvet couch is the perfect statement piece for a home in the middle of an incredibly social and fashionable city like London where stylish meets comfort.


9. NEW YORK, UNITED STATES -  Park Avenue Mansion, Upper East Side, Manhattan

The quirky color combination of dark green and violet works perfectly in a lounge that is full of character for the bold and audacious! 


10. NEW YORK - Finn Place II, Tribeca, New York

What a better way to stand out than to add a dramatic flare by using unusual colored tiles for your lovely bathroom while also incorporating an intricate design? A bathroom, which in most cases is left stark and white, can be instantly sublimed with a bold tile and color accents!






























Trendy Tile Options To Get Excited About! | Kismet Decals

Trendy Tile Options To Get Excited About!

There’s a lot of talk going on in the flooring industry right now and you and I both know that tile is where it all begins as it has always been a huge part of the interior design world.

There's not only tons of modern, chic tile trends to choose from, but tile itself is trending in a big way. The best way you do it is to choose something well-made and stylish that will stay in style for the lifetime of your floor. Here's just a few of my favorite floor home tile trends that I wanted to share with you all!


Chevron Tiles

The chevron pattern is a fabulous yet bold pattern that has a significant upshot on any room. It is very much like a herringbone pattern which is like a zig-zag of v’s on the floor. The pattern is almost mesmerizing in appearance and gives off a retro vibe too! Even with its bold and daring design, it'll fit right inside the most serene of homes.

And you're probably aware, it is not approved to install wood flooring in wet and warm areas as it can damage the material and ruin your floor. So by using the chevron effect tiles you can be right on trend to imitate or create a wood effect for your interior and sleep easier at night having the knowledge that your floor isn’t going to expand or become warped one day when you wake up!


Matte Tiles

Now you've known about matte colored cars, matte phones and even matte lipsticks but here's the new thing: matte tiles! These tiles shows sophistication, modernism, and keeps the dirt hidden - an all round winner.

Matte tiles also provides great grip and traction and blend in really well with the increasingly popular industrial trend. They’re perfect for bathrooms and wet-rooms and are the perfect combination if you’re looking to create the traditional/rustic infused with a splash of contemporary appearance within a room.


Marble Tiles

The tile nominated for the most classy, timeless, and elegant look award. Natural marble is soft and porous, susceptible to rings and challenging to keep clean. That’s the reason so many homeowners and interior designers choose tile for their floorings instead of natural marble.

Marble tiles have a great way of allowing light to bounce around a room, almost like a mirror effect. This is basically the reason why they’re so customarily used in bathrooms as they make the space seem bigger and lighter than it is!


Patterned Tiles

This is definitely my favorite type of tile and if I ever want to remodel my flooring, you can bet that patterned tiles are gonna be my absolute go-to tile! Patterned tiles have gone from strong to strongest in adding substance and color to the floor in a room. With an endless amount of patterns and designs available you are given total free reign when it comes to making a room your own. But just what is the right way to do it without it being “too much”?

To be honest, I really don't think there is such a thing as "too much" when it comes to patterned floors. Making a statement and showing off your personality with your home decor is all the rage and it definitely shows the real you! One of the best ideas I've ever gotten with utilizing patterned floors is to install them right at the front door area of your house. That way it will surely be the first focal point for your guests and it'll up the wow factor.


























How To Match Your Flowers With Vases | Kismet Decals

How To Match Your Flowers With Vases

So you just got yourself a fresh bouquet of gorgeous flower arrangement from the farmer's market, only to come home and place it in a vase that doesn't do it justice at all! While it's fun to pair, mix and match different types and colors of blooms to suit your taste and liking, the real deal come from the vases and containers that the bouquets will be living in. I've recently read up on how certain blooms pair best with certain vases (safe to say that I've experienced the struggle too) and here's the matches that works best together! So the next time you take home one, you'll know precisely the perfect way to showcase it.



Mason Jars

A mason jar is a simple and quirky way to showcase the bold and cheerful sunflower! Plus you can even decorate your mason jars beforehand for a flair of creativity!


Tall Cylinder

If you're a sunflower lover, you'll know that actual sunflowers are known to grow up to 12 feet tall! So using a tall vase not only shows how stunning they are but also ensures that they won't topple over.


Galvanized Pot

These containers give it the perfect rusty feel which pairs nicely with the carefree, laid back sunflower. If you're looking for farmhouse cottage vibes then this pairing is definitely for you!



Fit and Flare

The fit and flare is the best vase to stylishly show off a slightly fuller rose bouquet. Works best with different coloured roses!


Trumpet vase

Roses are definitely statement flowers, so pair it with elegant shapes like the trumpet to up the luxe and wow factor.


Vintage Cut

Nothing shows off the timeless grace of roses more than an old fashioned vintage vase that you've uncovered from the basement.



Bubble Vase

Carnations are perfect for a small bubble bowl for its short and sturdy stems that can be cut to any length without harming them!


Short Cylinder

There's only one lone carnation here but a short vase actually adds more control to a larger bouquet of carnations.


Vintage Patterned Vases

It's a quirky match of the retro carnations with a beautifully patterned vase.



Square Vase

The square vase is the perfect vase for lilies to blossom into a full bouquet that is sure to intrigued your guests.


Tall Slender Vase

Lilies are known to require fresh water daily and a tall and slender vase allows for easy refills and less spillage.


Bubble Vase

For those of you who prefers or have a smaller bouquet, this vase is perfect and looks super cute for the full blooms!


5. Orchids

Square Vase

A tall square vase will show off the elegant stems of your fresh orchids!


Oval Round Vase

The rounded shape at the bottom of the vase encourages the elegant curve of an orchid stem.


Bud Vase

By placing these stunning flowers inside a small, slim vase, the flowers do all the talking!




















































Pet-Friendly Stylish Houseplants | Kismet Decals

Pet-Friendly Stylish Houseplants

What do you do if you're a pet lover but also want your home to be a greenhouse because of your love for plants? Are you afraid that choosing the wrong plant will create toxic vibes for your furry friends? Or worse, get them sent straight to the ER?

Well fret not for all it needs is just a lil' bit of know-how and label-reading to give you an idea on which plants are safe for your furry friends. And the best thing of all, these plants look so chic they fit right into your stylish home!


Staghorn Fern

Staghorn Ferns are large, bifurcated fronds that shoot out dramatically from the center of the plant and it really is an amazing vegan alternative if you're not the type to hang innocent dead animals up on your walls. These fuzzy ferns look best mounted on wooden boards finished with vintage burlap to give it a rustic, farmhouse feel. Or just put it in a quirky pot for an au naturel vibe! They’re neat and are completely safe for pets and are absolutely stunning. They also like high humidity and medium light, and not direct sunlight and caring for them is just a simple misting 1-2 times a week or if it's in a pot, water it once a week.


Spider Plant

Don't worry, just because it's called a spider plant doesn't mean it's going to turn into a big hairy spider at night and crawl into your bed! This foliage with long, spiky leaves just demands to be noticed. Think dramatic but without overdoing it. More mature spider plants have small white flowers that looks super cute. If you want your spider plant to thrive, give them access to bright light and water them generously through summer. Just make sure you dry them out between waterings. The spider plant’s ability to produce dangling ‘plantlets’ also makes it ideal for hanging baskets. Plus points: your pets can actually play with its "dangly fingers" when they run out of squeaky toys!


Grafted Cactus

These are definitely one of my all time favorite! These colorful, tufty little buddies just look so bright and cheerful for the soul. They might look spiky but they actually work pretty well as scratching posts for those itchy paws! They’re super cute, and look best  when they're paired up with other pet safe succulents or grouped together. Basic care is pretty, well, basic so they're probably going to be the easiest plant you'll ever take care of. Let dry out completely and water once or twice a week. Remember, these usually live in a desert so they are pretty hydrated.


Lemon Button Fern

Also known as the Fishbone Fern, with its delicate arching stems lines with tiny leaves and button-like foliage, the Lemon Button Fern is the perfect accent piece for a shelf or tabletop. It is also said to smell slightly lemony when you crush the leaves hence the name. This dainty, yet eye-catching plant makes it an ideal houseplant as it does not appreciate direct light and it's also super pet friendly! Best to keep the soil moist without over-saturating the plant.


Areca Palm

Surely all you ever wanted to do is to add some tropical greenery into your interior, but obviously a quick internet search attempt reveals that your tropical plant of choice is malignant to your furry family members. Well search no more for the tall, lanky Areca Palm is a safe option and makes the chicest houseplant ever. Notable for its air-purifying effects, it is relatively easy to care for. Just try not to over-water the plant, but it’s a good idea to hydrate it when the soil below the surface begins to feel a tad bit dry. 

Areca is the kind of plant you can flaunt with joy in a big pot such as a colorful patterned one for a fun effect or a metallic one for that modern look. Talk about an instant focal point for the room, one your guests will surely marvel at!

Sage Green In The New Age | Kismet Decals

Sage Green In The New Age

Steel yourself, neutral beige and ultra purple, there's a new hue coming to town and I think you know who! If you have seen the Pinterest 100 list, the prediction of trends that are going to be a huge fad in 2018 based on what people are pinning on their boards then you would know that our next best friend, sage is about the have a momentous jiffy.

There's been over a 100% increase in pinned saves for the color "sage" not even including the decors — and it's easy to see why. This grey-ish green hue is a soft, gentle, kind to the eyes color that's easy to decorate with, but doesn't divagate into boring or unsurprising region, thus why it's dubbed a new contemporary neutral.

Paint the walls of your living room with the soft hue and wait for the compliments to pour in! As you can see, sage is also the perfect pop of color that blends effortlessly in a mid-century home with modern decor just like this room with stark colors and neutral furnishings and also a light wash, natural wood finish.

The possibilities of incorporating this color into your kitchen are endless! And I couldn't imagine a more serene backslash for your kitchen.

If painting your whole kitchen feels like overkill, then make your cabinets and island function as neutrals and make them the center of attention!

For a more creative and quirky flair, you can opt for a splash of matte sage on your bathtub! Especially for those who are not yet ready to commit to a whole wall.

Even if you're not into wall painting, you can also add sage colored gloss tiles for a mellow relaxed space.

And this bedroom just proves how versatile sage can be! It totally harmonize and complements just about anything including wood, contemporary patterns and even metallic finishes.

Feel like going all bold and all sage? Well then paint all of your walls and cabinets different shades of sage to add dimension to your monochrome green palette!









Orange For A Pop Of Colour! | Kismet Decals

Orange For A Pop Of Colour!

Orange, the color of sunsets and tropical fruits is undeniably cheery and bold while being one of the most versatile colors. Whether as an accent color or the foundation of your color scheme, orange is a color that can lend itself to both formal and casual settings for an unexpected dash of personality and warmth! 

Orange is a close relative of red, and sparks more controversy than any other hue. There is usually strong positive or negative association to orange and generally induces a stronger “love it” or “meh” response than other colors. Fun and vivacious orange radiates warmth and energy. Interestingly, some tones of orange, such as terra cotta, rust, and peach have very broad appeal. It stimulates activity and appetite and encourages socialization.


Why orange?

Orange is a warm color that can truly go a long way to help warm up a space. Unlike red, which the color orange is often compared to, orange is delicate and astute, while still being a warm color. Many shades of orange also have strong yellow undertones, which also help to keep spaces light, fresh and fun.

Chairs covered in pumpkin orange set the tone for this contemporary dining room. The mahogany table and minimal decor in the middle of the spacious room, offers a cool counterpoint to the warm and zesty orange.


Orange colour pairingsOrange is the new black in the sense that it can be paired with a number of colors. You can pair orange with cooler colors such as blue and charcoal grey and in fact, it goes really well with blue!

As well as neutral colors such as white, brown and taupe for a more toned down vibe.

Introduce color (in this case orange!!!) via beautiful fabrics for a look that's subtle, yet fetching. Accessories in vibrant orange can help add vintage whimsy to an interior, like in the bedroom of a cheery beach house.


Orange as a accent colour

It may sound daring or even impossible, but orange can also work well as a paint color either all over a room or as an accent color!

When using orange as a paint color, one of the most victorious techniques is to embody the art of high contrast. You can definitely pull this off this by introducing high contrast colors such as white, light grey or cream.




30-Days To A Clutter-Free Home: Part 1 | Kismet Decals

30-Days To A Clutter-Free Home: Part 1

Are you feeling overwhelmed by clutter? Are you the type to spend your whole day on Pinterest staring at pictures of pristine minimalistic homes and thinking that your home could never be that way? Do you want to declutter your home but don’t know where to start? Well, chin up and think again! It could work!  Welcome to the 30 Day Clutter Free Home Challenge by Kismet! You may feel like it's too much of a challenge now but I promise, 30 days really can turn your whole life around.

The 30 Day Clutter Free Home Challenge is all about clearing out clutter from your home and your life (yes, removing all the toxic people around you too!). It is not about organizing everything perfectly and tidying out every nook of your home. The aim is to make huge invasions into clutter in a short time and set you up for a neat, organised clutter free home. There will be some real challenging days but it shouldn’t take you too much time to do the challenges each day. It is aimed to be achievable, practical and effective. 

Keep in mind to be merciless. Be fearless and audacious! Do not try to hold on to your clutter! Purge out as much clutter from your home as you can!


Living Room

Day 1: Mantel

We're going to start with the living room, as it is one of the most important focal point in the house and it's the first thing your family and guests see. A fireplace is not exactly lovely when it's covered in clutter and junk. It takes away the beauty of a warm, blazing fire! So if your mantel is a dumping ground for spare change, DVDs, flyers you've picked up or opened and unopened mail and other clutter-ish items that don't belong, get yourself a big plastic bag and voila! Problem solved. 

Day 2: Bookshelves

Bookshelves are great for displaying and flourishing your interest in literature, art, accent decor, lovely family pictures and more. But they always become the breeding ground for extra clutter whenever there's a blank spot. Clutters like keys, receipts from the grocery you went to two years ago, scratch tickets maybe and also random knick knacks that makes them look less attractive. Give your bookshelves a scan to see if there's anything that doesn't belong. Then re-position the items so it looks wanton, not chaotic.

Day 3: Storage Furniture 
Go through your console table in the living room. You will not only see your TV and radio consoles, but also other stuffs that will make you wish you have a trash bag in hand (you will understand if you have kids) and if you do have one, lucky you!



Day 4:  Entryway/Mudroom 

This is the place where you welcome your family members and also your guests and first impression matters. A lot. Check the entrances to your house for out-of-place clutter. Kids kick off shoes with mud, soil, and all the other bacteria they picked up from the outer world and drop bags and coats; adults leave house keys, car keys, scarfs, hats and mail. Set up a system for stuff that should be there (like hanging hooks or a coat rack or shoe cubbies) and ingrain habits to keep the space clear otherwise, if the system doesn't work.


Day 5: Coat Closet

Coat closets often become hiding places for more than just winter jackets. For examples caps or scarfs from long forgotten guests. See what's been concealed in its depths that belongs somewhere else and what you can pull out to donate or toss.



Day 6: Medicine Cabinet

Chuck expired medications, hotel shampoos that you've "stolen" yet have never ever used it, and throw out lotions you've had since 1989 which have probably became ultra watery lotion by now. While you're at it, give the dusty, gross splattered with a lot of gross stuffs mirror a quick wipe, too.

Day 7: Shower 

Get rid of the shower and conditioner containers in your shower. Invest in a shower caddy (I have one and honestly, it's a life saver - please get yourself one too) to keep everything efficient, neat and in one spot.

Day 8: Bathroom Drawer/Bag 

Go through your makeup bag or drawer and re-evaluate some of the items. Neon green eye shadow that has since died in 1972? Chuck! Broken lipsticks that with textures that doesn't seem quite right anymore? Toss! Make ups and face care has expire dates and if you haven't used it in a year, please don't get it anywhere near your face and know that it's time to trash it.

Day 9: Linen Closet

Over time and I actually mean all the time, those neatly stacked bundle of fluffy towels start to transpose and folded linen sheets in some way always seem to end up somewhere on the floor. And why are your kiddo's' toy cars and coloring pencils in there, anyway? Appraise what's in your linen closet, sort out what you want and contemplate donating items you haven't used in more than a year to charity - usable and safe items, I mean.