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Styling Your Teenage Son’s Bedroom

Teenage boys. Loud. Messy. But we still adore them don’t we? I won’t lie. It’s not a simple task designing a teen boy’s bedroom because let’s face it. Teenagers are not easy to please. You’ll need to make one’s room stylish yet functional. If you’re not sure what style suits your son then stick to these central themes: Modern, Industrial & Minimalist.

As long as you’re certain of its structural theme, you can’t go wrong with the decor. All you’ll then have to do is choose stylish bedspreads with maybe a pop of colour, create efficient storage spaces - under the bed, under the windowsill or make floating shelves. But to really give your teen his own personalised feel, incorporate the room’s decor with his taste and hobbies. So, display sports balls, clothes or prizes, musical instruments and the list goes on. Here are some of my top favourites:

Your adolescent’s got the builder’s streak? Incorporate a Lego theme into his bedroom decor. Keep the colour scheme to navy blues, blacks and white or beige. Keep it real simple and classy because these Lego blocks are going to be the focal point of the room. You probably won’t even have to do much since your kid will be putting pieces together to create amazing Lego pieces.]



Today’s trendiest natural gray is perfect for his bedroom. The subtlety of this colour can either add warmth to a room or keep it cool. However, it speaks to you. It’s a bit of a grey area - yes, I did that. A simple grey, white and blue palette keeps the emphasis on the room's connection to nature. If you look at the image, you can see how storage is made efficient under the bed, especially if you have more than one boy sleeping in a room. I love how the metal elements fit perfectly in this sports themed room as it creates a bit of a locker room feel. Find out your kid’s sports hero and blow up a print of the athlete. This instills a lot of positivity in the room.


A music lover? Right on! Incorporate his favourite rock band, reggae artist and pop favourites in his room. Stick to colours that expresses creativity with a mix of calming blues and greens, enthusiastic oranges and yellows; and inspiring purples and greys. Stick decals of his favourite music stars on his wall to create a focal point. Also, create a space where he can display his musical instruments if he plays any.


For a teenager who loves his science and math, simply hang a large blackboard or better yet, paint one wall with chalkboard paint. Increase the space in the room by making wall shelves work for other items like his books, past science projects and more.

Teenage boys like a comfy spot to hang. Think of their room as a pre-man cave. Create spaces for them to hang out and play video games, read a book or simply plug in their earphones. Bean bags are an amazing way to create that space for them. Don’t try to redesign a whole room by filling them up with all sorts of brand new memorabilia and stuff. Let your boy fill spaces up himself too.

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