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Star Wars: Will There Ever Be An Episode X, XI, XII?

A spoiler-free discussion.

Star Wars

It seems to be an odd question to ask, seeing as how the Star Wars franchise is one of the biggest the world has to offer. And yet, it is hard to disagree with the possibility that there is some validity to the question at hand.

The short answer to the question, of course, is yes. At some point in the not-so-distant future (11 years between the prequel and sequel trilogies), we will indeed be witnessing an Episode X, XI, and XII of Star Wars. For those of us who consider ourselves avid fans of the franchise and see it as being able to do no wrong, it will certainly be exciting to us to be getting new Star Wars films on the big screen.

But for those of us who place a keen amount of value into the franchise, the thought of having new Star Wars films might be handled with a little trepidation, and there is certainly a plausible rationale to justify our fears of a “sequel trilogy” to the sequel trilogy. This is, undoubtedly, due to the horrific reception that fans have shown towards the franchise’s attempt at making a sequel trilogy. To put it simply, it made Star Wars, once thought to be the biggest science fiction-cum-space opera set of films, into a laughing stock.

Mishandled, would be an understatement when it comes to the sequel trilogy, and a lot of that is owed squarely to the creative team employed to churn out what was surely thought to be a big hit for the studio. With memories of the pointless death of Han Solo, Luke Skywalker drinking green milk, the sudden revival of Emperor Palpatine, and of course, the cringeworthy moment of Rey taking the last name Skywalker, it is safe to say that there is no love lost on this franchise any longer.

It then certainly comes the time, taking into account all of these concerns, to ask ourselves: do we actually need a sequel to the sequel? What could such films hope to do than try to repeat what has already been proven to not be working any longer?

Perhaps if there were a sequel trilogy in the works over at the studio, then the best approach would be in the form of a soft reboot of the Star Wars films that have come before it. The films should approach the Mythos in a way that deviates from the atrocities brought down onto the franchise by its predecessor, and forge a new path that could be seen to engage audiences once again in this beautiful world of space wizards with glowing swords.

That being said, until the studio has shed the shame of the sequel trilogy, only then can it hope to begin anew with plans for a new Star Wars story that we sincerely hope will return the franchise to its former glory.


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