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No Way Home: Doctor Strange’s Strange Behavior

Possible spoilers for Spider-Man: No Way Home.

Doctor Strange WinkDoctor Strange, seen here cheekily winking at Peter Parker, and us fans

Holy moly, there is a lot to unpack from the recent Spider-Man: No Way Home trailer. And while we would certainly enjoy typing out a 5000-word detailed report of every little nuance that three-minute preview had to offer, we would equally not want to exhaust you with having to read through it all. So, in order to keep things bite-sized, we have instead chosen to offer a brief but in-depth look, over the course of a couple of articles, at what we thought were some of the most intriguing moments from the trailer, starting with Doctor Strange’s risky behavior.

Now, it must be mentioned that we have noticed some exciting discussions which call into question Strange’s characterization in the trailer. To put it simply, some fans were not too pleased with the way in which the Sorcerer Supreme so readily agreed to perform such a precarious spell at Peter Parker’s behest.

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Of course, as strange as it may seem (pardon the pun), we believe his action to be in line with the overall personification of the character we have seen thus far. The one thing that should be quite conspicuous about the Doctor Strange we have seen in the MCU is that he has a giant, balloon-like ego. Yes, he may be the most powerful sorcerer in the cinematic universe thus far, and that title should follow subsequent responsibilities, but what we must not forget is that Strange retains much of his past persona as a formerly brilliant but equally big-headed surgeon.

The fact is, Stephen Strange may have lost the use of his surgically precise hands, but he has yet to shed the overconfidence in his ability to master anything, a controversially common trait among doctors. This risky behavior of his should not be startling. Still, it does open the possibility for further exploration into how this single incident could transform his character into a more restrained and respected master of magic down the line in future appearances.

Only time will tell.


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