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New Year's Eve Decor Ideas

I absolutely love the idea of a new year being a kickstart to a new adventure, a new beginning, a brand new year for you to make the best of. Of course, resolutions are always a must and whether you end up following through wholeheartedly however is a completely different story. I do get nostalgic when the year ends and I reflect on the good times and lesson learnt which is also another reason why I make it a point to celebrate New Years eve by throwing a party. Who doesn't love a good party anyways? Here are some ideas of party decorations you should consider if you're planning to throw one, and if you aren't, this may just inspire you to do so!

Christmas just passed by and reusing the sparkly bauble ornaments from the tree is such a great idea to add some bling to your New Years eve decor. You can place it in a glass jar or bowl as a centrepiece or bunch it up and make it a strand like a streamer. Totally a win-win situation since you don't have to immediately clear and pack your Christmas decor too.



No party is complete without a photo booth background! It's such a cute idea to have a tinsel or sequinned background that gives out a wow factor with all the glitz and glamour. It immediately feels festive, and requires minimal add on even when it comes to props. Chances are this background worked for your Christmas party too!



Champagne is essential to usher in the new year and the bottles are definitely worth as decor pieces! Leftover bottles can repurposed by spray painting them and adding on details to them like shown above. I love the swirly ribbons coming out of the bottle looking like you've just popped some champagne!



One of the best parts of a new year's party is the countdown that gets everyone excited and pumped up! This balloon countdown is double the fun as it's not just a statement decorative piece to grab attention but also a great way to count down the hours before the clock strikes twelve.



There's something about balloons that immediately make any space feel like a party. This cool idea doubles as party decor and a photo wall too. How cute is this foil helium champagne balloon pouring out a bunch of 'bubbly' balloons? The best part is the colours can be customised to suit your theme.


I don't know about you but I'm obsessed with this idea of a Bar Cart for the party. You get to mix your own cocktails, as well as use it as a conversational decorative piece. It's also mobile which makes it easy to move around according to how the crowd gets. 


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