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Must-Haves For A Home Office Space

It's always nice to be the boss of your own space which is why I absolutely needed to have an office space at home. No regrets, and I definitely recommend anyone and everyone to have one — especially those who work from home or have work to take home. A home office is a great way to partition your work time away from your home time and lets you focus on finishing tasks without any interruptions.

When planning my home office space, I made a list of wants and needs (wants over taking the needs as always) and managed to come to a compromise on what my essentials would be. What do you absolutely need for a home office space? Here are a few ideas.



Not just any type of desk, a sturdy work desk that won't fall apart as soon as some weight is put on it or after a year of usage. Invest in a proper work table, make sure the size is suitable and won't make the room feel too compact as you still need comfort to be key. Also think about if you need to put things on the table like a computer or laptop, or art materials, or paper and files. Make it a point to plan the whole layout of the office before buying the furniture for it. 




This is the most important part of any home office as you'll be spending most of your time sitting in it so make sure it’s a comfortable one. Test as many as you have to before committing to one. Look for something that won't affect your posture long term.




Working on the computer already strains the eye so make it a point to get proper lighting to lessen the burden. Not having proper lighting can lead to eyesight issues and also cause headaches. Bright lights are a better bet than warm lights as they don't give you the cozy vibes that may stop you from being productive.




Organising is not to be taken lightly. I completely understand that some people, like me, work best in creative messes, but being organised and knowing exactly where each item is really makes a huge difference. A non cluttered office will make you feel more productive and also helps save a lot of time actually looking through piles of stuff to find whatever you need. With so many different types of storages available, there's bound to be one that works best with your work needs.  




What's the point of having a home office if it doesn't give you the freedom to express yourself? Add some decorations like potted plants for some greenery, framed pictures (motivational quotes work great!), and some basic decor pieces (not too distracting). The idea is to create a work environment you like which makes you feel like working.



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