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Making The Most Of Your Mantel

Because the mantel always loves to be the centre of attention, the way its decorated can have a dramatic impact on a room. The perfect perch for displaying everything you love from art pieces to flowers to even personal photos or a collection of unique one of a kind objects!

A mantel says a lot about the room’s intended style whether you’re a minimalist or a maximalist, contemporary or classic in addition to highlighting the interests of the homeowners. As it’s often the first thing the eye is drawn to when entering a room. Much like the rest of our homes, the way we decorate our mantels is a direct reflection of our style.

Want to give your mantel a fresh upgrade but unsure where to begin? Well here are some tips and ideas that I’ve come up with to get you on your way to a wow-worthy focal point for your guests!

One key component of mantel decorating is how you arrange your chosen objects in the space you have. Symmetry brings your eye across the mantel, which suits a more smooth, simple approach. For homes with a more classic and conventional aesthetic, this is a well-received look. Play around with different colours, shapes and textures to discover the right proportions. Whereas if you prefer a more contemporary style, be diverse with the height of your accessories to attain the look that best fits your wonderful personality!

But the most important tip that I can give you all is: Be yourself and decorate with your personal style. Use elements that you love, designs that you feel comfy with and an aesthetic that fits your beautiful home. You can’t go wrong with that!



If you’re someone who’s into architectural elements, a special unique piece of an architectural piece would be a super cool thing above your fireplace! I just really love the vibe of this antique wheel hung by a rope above a fireplace, it adds an element of curiosity to an otherwise blank space!



Instead of hanging one piece above the fireplace, why not use your entire mantel to display your art collection? Start by placing the largest frame near the center of the mantel and then accent with a statement piece. Layer in smaller objects, such as framed pieces, classic vintage books, abstract objects, and attractive shapely vases to compliment your mantel!



Definitely the easiest decor choice, a mirror over the fireplace will make your room look larger while also giving your room a huge bang. If you’re going to try this decor trick, make sure to opt for a statement mirror with major impact. I personally love the look of a rococo plaster or baroque gilt Italian frame for a classic interior. For more contemporary spaces, a large sunburst design could be an eye-catching choice.



If your mantel is bordered by bookcases or windows on either side, you may want to paint the wall above your fireplace in an accent colour. Take a look at your wall colour, and choose the perfect shade for the mantle that works with it. Keep in mind to use a light colour on the surround if the walls are dark and a dark colour if the walls are light for it to stand out. Also take a look at your bookcases and other wood trim you may have in the room. While these may be white, they may not be the same bright white that most mantels are painted. Match their shade for a cohesive look.



On most mantels, you’ll find any plants or flowers dwarfed by the artwork, but it’s okay to switch it up and opt for tall florals or reeds that extend beyond your artwork. Rather than one large bouquet or pot, opt for several smaller displays of varying heights that fit the scale of your mantelpiece!


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