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Make Your Home Stylishly Cat Friendly!

If you're reading this, you're obviously the crazy cat owner who can't live without your furry feline friends and I'm telling you, it's totally understandable. So what's more exciting than carving out a space for your cats and also yourself without killing your personal style?

And you don't ever have to worry about your silk curtains and lush leather sofa in shreds! As Jackson Galaxy, the star of Animal Planet’s “My Cat From Hell.” said and I quote, “What you really want, is to live in a home that shows you care about your own comfort as well as the comfort and safety of your cats.”


1. Cats typically need less human companionship than other pets, and like to seek out quiet spots to be on their own. This might mean hiding beneath the couch or snuggling inside a cozy hole. Make sure you offer your cat places to spend some 'alone time' like this light wooded movable cat house that can also act as a great contemporary piece for your home!

And these unique cat houses definitely add character into the room!



2. Although your fluffy friends sleep A LOT, they'll also be interested in an elevated spot to nap or view their surroundings. Add a stylish cat tower, or build in climbing ledges through securely wall-mounted shelves.


3. You can also get some PurrPads for your furniture pieces! It helps to keep unwanted cat hair away and also offers a comfy place for your cat to lounge on.


4. If your kitties love destroying your luxurious sofas, try installing one of these scratch pads on the edge of your furniture! Or even better you can get a patterned one with which you can hang on the wall as an art piece!


5. You love your cats, but may not want the look of plastic cat paraphernalia to intrude upon your beautifully aesthetic rooms. Consider cute furniture-style designs, like the one shown below!




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