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Joaquin Phoenix Wins Best Actor for Joker

Joker Joaquin Phoenix

I guess Joker really did have the last laugh.

After being nominated four times for an Academy Award, Joaquin Phoenix finally won his first Oscar today at the 92nd Academy Awards, and it was for Best Actor.

Although his other roles were just as commanding in previous nominations, it was The Clown Prince of Crime that finally got him the win. This is also a historical moment for the Joker character, because Phoenix is the second Joker to receive an Oscar after Heath Ledger’s amazing performance in the 2008 Batman film, The Dark Knight, and Joker is the only comic-book villain to ever win any Oscars.

Besides Joaquin Phoenix, Joker’s music composer Hildur Guðnadóttir also won an Oscar for Best Original Score, becoming the first woman to win such an oscar in 20 years. Undoubtedly, well deserving for the both of them.

Joker is the first and only R-rated film to ever break a billion dollars in sales, and was nominated for 9 other awards including Best Picture and Best Director. A huge win for director Todd Phillips and comic book fans all over the world.

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