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Announcing: Collaboration with weekendiminlove

We're so excited to announce our collaboration with the multi-talented Ms Atie Jaafar, aka weekendiminlove (find her on instagram here @wkndiminlove!); a clever wordplay on everybody's favorite The Cure song, in my opinion.

I love her soft and graceful watercolor strokes that create beautiful (sometimes other-worldly) flowers. Her painted flowers always make you wish you had a real-life bunch that never will wilt and die. Maybe the next best thing could be having her beautiful paintings on your wall!

Then there are also lots of paintings of cakes, cupcakes and other sweet treats. Pretty to look at, but dangerous if you're on a diet - because you always feel like you need a donut or slice of cake every time you take a look at her food-themed paintings!

It took a lot of hard work and determination for Atie Jaafar to get this far and continue to grow her own brand. Atie acquired her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree with a Major in Painting from UiTM and first set foot in the industry as a graphic designer. She then pursued her Master in Contemporary Art and Design at Limkokwing University of Creative Technology where she later lectured, too, for 9 years.

While working as a lecturer in private universities, Atie founded weekendiminlove - a platform where she aims to use her graphic design & fine arts expertise to brighten up all kinds of events. From weddings to birthday parties, baby showers, and family gatherings - she's covered them all! Her services range from graphic design, watercolor illustrations, commissioned jobs, wedding stationery, fabric design and bespoke projects.

Recently she has been focusing on lots of watercolor illustration projects and collaborations for industry, branding, publications and more, including personal requests.


She currently runs a series of workshops on watercolor painting. Atie aims to share her knowledge in watercolor painting with others as she believes that aside from its aesthetic value, art also brings therapeutic value in life.

Sounds good to me. Art is definitely another form of therapy for the soul. Add some lovely soul-lifting art in your home now!

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