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"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with The Fox In The Attic

We are so happy to have The Fox In The Attic join our artist community at Kismet Decals. Get ready to see endless adorable-looking animals and pretty flora in wall decal form coming your way!
We asked Michelle, the talent behind The Fox In The Attic, to tell us more about herself and her inspiration behind her illustrations.

"My name is Michelle Kreussel. I live in St. Leonards-on-Sea with my husband, our daughter Penelope and a ginger tom called Floyd.  From my home studio I run my business, The Fox In The Attic.
Classic inspirations for children, to do with animals and nature, permeate the themes I explore within my shop.  Alongside familiar woodland creatures (badgers, owls, foxes) are animals found further abroad (monkeys, koalas, raccoons), as well as more fantastical and mythological beasts such as the ever-popular unicorn.  Complimenting these are more recent additions to my ranges, including designs drawn from the world of plants and flora, inspired by Victorian botanical illustrations. 

Most recently I have found myself drawn to ideas to do with classic, emblematic comfort foods such as desserts, puddings and biscuits.  All these creations are made with a firm emphasis on color and fun, intended to appeal to children and mothers alike.
Initially having featured almost exclusively hand-embroidered animals and bespoke decorative items, my product range has now developed and expanded into a stronger, more brand-led and compartmentalized approach.  I can now offer an entire product line across a range of various design items, that contains greetings cards, prints, printed stuffed baby rattles (with bells inside) and decorative cushions, specifically intended for nurseries and other interior spaces.

One of my most popular and successful lines at the moment is a range of cactuses and succulents in five varieties, a group of five ice lolly and ice cream designs, and a line featuring various combinations of unicorns, clouds and rainbows in multiple colors and variations.  Alongside these, my shop currently offers a longstanding and ever-expanding range of anthropomorphized cartoon-style animals - mainly aimed at children and babies -including a monkey, badger, llama, owl, fox, bear, raccoon, koala and newt (with or without clothes!)."

Awesome! We are counting our lucky stars because now we have more original illustrations to offer, especially for your nursery, bedroom, and playroom. You can check out The Fox In The Attic to see and read more about Michelle and her work.
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