"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Ploypisut | Kismet Decals

"It's Kismet!" Announcing: Collaboration with Ploypisut

It's party time (again) at the Kismet Decals studio because we have a brand new artist on board the KD-collab train! Welcome, Ploypisut, to the wonderful world of wall decals :)

 Ploypisut (pronounced Poy-pi-sud) hails from the colorful and vibrant city of Bangkok, Thailand. She is a freelance illustrator and surface designer, sharing her wonderful work on Instagram.

She received her BFA in Communication Design and worked in graphic design, before becoming a freelancer. She mostly uses watercolor as a medium and sometimes uses watercolor combined with gouache.

Her watercolor paintings are inspired from nature, botanical elements and wildlife creatures. She also draws inspiration from Asian folk art.

I'm finding it very relaxing, looking at her illustrations - something fit for slow-living magazines (looking at you, Flow Magazine).

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